Buffer Fringe Festival is live online at bufferfringe.org!

The Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival continues to bridge the divide in Cyprus and responding to the needs of the time, by bringing artists and audiences together from around the world in 2020 with an innovative artistic program, presented on the brand new festival blog.

By rising to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 and the restrictions in crossings, the blog is a new addition to the Buffer Fringe. Furthermore, the blog was developed to draw attention to the value of artistic creation and to provide an alternative platform where the artists can share their creative process behind their performances under the theme “Displacement”. The live festival will be presented on stage in early December, island wide.

The Buffer Fringe Blog can be accessed at www.bufferfringe.org where all details about this year’s edition, performers and performances can be found, as well as with the artists’ work in progress and their creative process. The festival is collaborating with notable Fringe festivals around the world including the Stockholm Fringe Festival and the Nordic Fringe Network, İstanbul Fringe Festival, arts organizations and educational institutions such as Point Centre for Contemporary Art, Brandeis University (IMPACT programme for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation), the European Cultural Foundation, the Goethe Institute, Open University of Cyprus’ Theatre Studies MA programme, and others.

Buffer Fringe 2020 will host 13 artists and artist groups; Pashias (CY) with I’ve made you a palm tree, Yasemin Collective (CY) with #kazanti, Argyro Nicolaou (US) with History Lesson, Creative Centre for Fluid Territories (International Collective) with Nomadic Dialogue, Die Wolke Art Group (Greece) with Δtopia, Instant Dissidence (IE) with Slow Mo, Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon (CH) with 8102, Kat Kats (AU) with Awaiting your response, Mixalis Aristidou & Balin Palmer (CY) with Clutch, Monica Anna Day (US) with Placeholder, Omiros Panayides and Eva Korae (CY) with The Town Crier, Reem Maghribi, Manuella Mavromichalis, Bahriye Kemal and Maria Kouvarou (CY) with Taking Back the Booty: Loss & Belonging in the Eastern Mediterranean and Vikram Iyengar (IN) with A multitude of drops. Moreover the Festival hosts, in a special self-curated presentation, Elena Agathocleous and the Mitos Performing Arts Center (Limassol), and Nurtane Karagil and Pasaj (Famagusta), their participation in the Buffer Fringe 2020.

For more information about the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, please visit: http://www.home4cooperation.info/buffer-fringe or call +357 22 445 740 / +90 548 834 57 40

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