Cycling Across Cyprus 2018

What can be a better way than seeing this beautiful island on a bike; to stop in villages and talk with the locals, enjoy a Cypriot coffee together?

Between 14th  and 21st of April, Cyclists Across Barriers is organizing a bike ride across Cyprus to welcome spring!

Contact information:

Accommodation: 0044 7770468371 / 0044 7949 570040
Bicycles and transportation:00357 99585497 and


The ride is co-hosted by Cyclists Across Barriers, Home for Cooperation, Hackney Cypriot Association, NextBike Cyprus, Limassol Unlocked and Join2Media.

The program of the ride is as follows:


14th April, Saturday:

Option 1:Limassol - Zygi, 35Km

Option 2: Ride together with the main group and return back to the city. 3 hours ride

Starting from Nextbike Cyprus office at 11:00

Rent your bike from Nextbike CY.

For those departing from Nicosia contact Cyclists Across Barriers


15th April, Sunday: Zygi - Pyla, 52Km 

16th April, Monday: Pyla - Protaras, 36Km 

17th April, Tuesday: Protaras - Trikomo (Iskele), 50Km 

18th April, Wednesday: Trikomo - Alevkayası, 41Km 

19th April, Thursday: Alevkayası - Kazafani, 32Km 

20th April, Friday: Kazafani - Nicosia, 26Km 

21st April Saturday: Closing bike ride Nicosia old city

Starting from the Home For Cooperation at 18:00 .

After the bike ride at 20:00 a music and a fundraising event will follow at the Home For Cooperation.

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