Displacement as a global experience: A Virtual Discussion by the Buffer Fringe 2020

On October 21, the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2020 organized the first of two Virtual Discussions within the framework of this year's program.

By bringing together artists, thinking partners and researchers from the IMPACT Community to critically address issues of creativity, art and art-making, the discussions aim to open new visions in conflict transformation and highlight the complexity of displacement – a contested human activity. Although the Covid-19 pandemic is blocking cultural and academic events and conferences from taking place physically, the exchange of ideas and views still remain a necessity. By virtually hosting these discussions, the Buffer Fringe 2020 aims to create a space of artistic exchange that is accessible to all.

'Displacement as a global experience' was the topic of the discussion on October 21, focusing on the case studies of arts relating to displacement, with examples from scholars and practitioners working in conflict regions. Clips from the 'Acting Together on the World Stage' documentary, Argyro Nicolaou's 'History Lesson' short and Armine Avetisyan's 'Haven't We Shared Much Salt and Bread Together?' documentary were screened and discussed by the participants. Each clip offers a view on creative artists and peacebuilders working in conflict regions (Acting Together on the World Stage), on the different meanings of displacement (History Lesson) and the challenges that a group of Armenian and Turkish women are facing while cooking traditional recipes together in the kitchen (Haven't We Shared Much Salt and Bread Together?).

Participants: Armine Avetisyan (IMPACT), Arjen Barel (BF 2020 Thinking Partner), Collectiva Inanna (BF 2020 artist), Argyro Nicolaou (BF 2020 Artist) Facilitator: Nihal Soganci (BF 2020)

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