Buffer Fringe V (2018)

Applications for Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2018 are now closed!

The artistic director of Buffer Fringe festival, Achim Wieland, expressed his enthusiasm for the 5th edition of the festival “with the aim to frame an open and dynamic engagement between performers and audience, become a mediator and influencer of intercultural dialogue and provide a platform of enhanced inter-artistic exchange.” Mr. Wielandhas extensive experience working with artists across the divide in Cyprus and also internationally on devised theatre pieces, exploring themes of otherness, ego, and fear.

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival showcases new and experimental work by local and international artists, challenges physical and artistic barriers, and creates opportunities for artists to meet and exchange ideas. The festival hosts innovative work by artists who take risks and constantly look for new ways to express themselves. Last year, the festival received over 100 applications from all around the world. In the past 4 years, the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival hosted 42 performances, 29 of which are local and 13 from abroad. The festival also received the EFFE label of “remarkable festival”, won the local Stelios Award with the concept “Buffer Fringe on Tour”, established partnerships with several Fringe Festivals in Europe and the World Fringe Network, and offered various workshops and networking activities for both local and international artists.

Final Selection


Main Stage 


1. Everything is OK – Marco d’Agostin (Italy) 


2.Eyolf Machine – Elias Adam (Cyprus, Greece) 


3.Apres La Chornique – Nicholas Hermansen (Spain) 


4.Some Remain So – Alexander Fandard (France) 


5.Redoing Gender – Andreas Constantinou (Cyprus, Denmark)
6.The State – Alexander Manuiloff (Bulgaria)


7.Venture – Sevim Akpınar (Cyprus)






1.Kurtuluş Altaylı – Natalia Pangiotou


2.Aneesha Michael – Androula Kafa


3.Sakari Laurila Kammari – Tülin Pektaş


4.Laura Saumweber – Petros Konnaris



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