Buffer Fringe VI (2019)


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25th October 2019 

Venue: ‘1984’  (map)



Title: I...Cognitive maps-Chapter 1

Performer: Ely Daou  

Country: Spain

Genre/Medium: Story-Telling Performance

Language: English 

Duration: 55 minutes

Knowing who we are and where we are, are two fundamental aspects of our physical and mental experiences; who we are might be integrated with where we are, and impact how we move through space. A storytelling performance that explores the relationship between place and identity through memory.  [More information: http://elydaou.com/]



Title: The only way out is through  

Concept/Direction: Dimitris Chimonas

Performers: Loukia Pierides and many others

Mentoring: Rodia Vomvolou, Louiza Papaloizou

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Inter-Disciplinary/dance, theatre, music and multimedia. 

Language: English

Duration: 60 minutes

Production Dance House Lemesos/ Premiere Open House Festival 2019

As part of Moving the New 2019-Artistic Development Programme.

The only way out is through attempts to frame the imaginary relationship between the viewer and the spectacle, the personal and the collective sphere, between one and another, one and themselves. By manipulating the cues and clues that shape these links, the performance functions as a lab for their re-imagining and reconstruction. [More information: www.dimitrischimonas.com]



Title: Peer Gynt of Bourj Hammoud 

Performer: Raffi Feghali  

Country: Lebanon

Genre/Medium: Theater

Language: English

Duration: 50 minutes

Peer Gynt of Bourj Hammoud is a storytelling, monodrama performance that explores the theme of identity and multiple identities, especially in a world that's getting smaller and smaller. It employs real stories and combines them through an overarching story, Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt. The performance digs into specific personal stories in order to search for identity and its effect on us on a more global perspective; whoever, and wherever we are. 


26th October 2019

Venue: Ledra Palace Moat & Home for Cooperation (map)


“Arts and Community”: Long Table Discussion

Fulbright Center yard, next to Ledra Palace Hotel

10:00 - 13:00

Why do we have amateur theatre? Why do we have arts workshops for refugees? Why do we have bi-communal and inter-communal music ensembles?

What does it mean to come together to do art? 

The Buffer Fringe is hosting a discussion with the participation of artists, community workers, arts practitioners, academics and policy-makers, to discuss what makes arts in community relevant, necessary and challenging. 

The discussion will take place in “Long Table” format which would enable the engagement of the audience along with the speakers in a semi-formal ‘brunch table’ setting.

The discussion starts with a question and participants are able to take a seat at the table if they wish to speak. Participants can only speak when they are seated at the table, and may join and leave the table at any point of the conversation. This method has been primarily used for Feminist discussions but now we are applying the format within the context of the Festival and artistic intervention.

The aim of the discussion is to generate creative thinking around the relationship between arts and community with a focus on the Cypriot context, and through international examples such as the IMPACT project, the global platform for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation.  The role of the buffer zone and other in-between spaces will be considered in the discussion along with the role that arts can play in creating community engagement and how it can be understood as a form of living.

A number of speakers are joining us to answer the key questions and start the discussion:


Nurtane Karagil (Cyprus) is creating random attempts in visual art and searching for new communication skills for her surroundings. She combines her irresponsible childhood memory with chaotic everyday life in Cyprus and this creates another reality. Her artworks are multi disciplinary and location based. She worked with different collectives, organizations and galleries in different spots of the world.

Dijana Milosevic (Serbia) is an award winning theatre director, writer and lecturer. She co-founded Dah Theatre Research Center in Belgrade, Serbia and has been its leading director for over twenty-five years.  She was the Artistic Director for theatre festivals, was the president of the Association of the Independent Theatres and president of the board of BITEF Theatre, and a board member of national ITI. She is involved with several peace-building initiatives and collaborates with activists groups.  She currently teaches at Institute for Modern Dance in Belgrade.

Helene Black (Cyprus) (www.hblack.net) is an artist, educator and co-founderNeMe. Her research since 2008 focuses on reprocessing colonialism and revealing the ingrained and often overlooked contradictions that leave no room for public debate. Not only were political and social histories displaced, but environments, ecologies were ruined, degraded, or exploited. Her latest work, a documentary about the environmental impacts of the mining in Cyprus will be exhibited at the Thessaloniki Biennial.

Yiannis Colakides (Cyprus) AA(Dipl) is a practising architect, co-founder and president ofNeMe, a peer reviewer for Leonardo Journal (MIT press) and LABs. His cultural work, spanning for 25 years in Cyprus, includes curating and/or coordinating art exhibitions, seminars, conferences, screenings, and workshops. His latest co-editorial effort, State Machines, Reflections and Actions at the Edge of Digital Citizenship, Finance, and Art, was published by the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam in 2019.

Hanna Knell (Germany) is project manager ofFrankfurt LAB, an experimental institution for contemporary performing arts. She studied theatre, film and media sciences as well as visual anthropology and cultural management in Frankfurt/Main and Sevilla. Since 2012 she works in different artistic contexts as a curator, artistic director, public relations manager and scientist at the Weltkulturen Museum, the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, the University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt and the site specific performance festival IMPLANTIEREN. From 2016-18 she was board member of the nonprofit associationID_Frankfurt_Independant Dance & Performance

Hanna Knell's presence is owed to the generosity of the Goethe-Institut Zypern.

Lee Perlman, PhD  is a Research Fellow at the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research, Tel Aviv University, which published his critical study on Jewish/Palestinian theater collaboration in Israel, “But Abu Ibrahim, We’re Family!” (2017). An Associate of Brandeis University’s Ethics Center https://www.brandeis.edu/ethics/about/CenterAssociates.html, Lee is active in the Center’s Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts, including IMPACT - Imagining Together: Platform for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation (ACCT), a worldwide initiative to design and activate strategies to strengthen the ACCT ecosystem.

 Elena Agathokleous (Cyprus) is co-funder and director of theCenter of Performing Arts MITOS based at Vinegar Factory in Limassol. She is the artistic director for the residency program theYard.Residency.19, for E.U. projects, for festivals and more. She is developing artistic programmes that are inclusive and socially engaging, experimental and emerging artists. Also, she is doing theater by performing, directing, working with texts and dramaturgy and as a theater instructor.

Izel Seylani (Cyprus) is an actor (2011 Bachelor of Arts- Anadolu State Conservatoire of Theatre, 2012 Master of Arts- at the University of Manchester, 2018, PhD. in Education and Drama, Near East University. He is a playwright, actor, Karagoz playwright and puppeteer, and director in Cyprus and abroad. Moreover, he is Vice President of Cyprus Center of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians,  Lecturer at the University of Kyrenia (2018) and actor at Nicosia Municipality Theatre (2014). 


The Discussion will be moderated by Diomedes Koufteros:

Diomedes is an actor and theater-maker. He has taught Theater for Social Change as Visiting Assistant Professor of Theater at Bowdoin College (2016); has worked as an expert in arts and culture for Creative Europe and the European Audiovisual Observatory; and was the artistic director for Greater Nicosia 2021, Nicosia’s bid for the European Youth Capital.



Interactive Zone: Mula Moat


Creatives have been working on the Buffer Zone for decades: artists, academics, students and activists from Cyprus and abroad, set up their interactive spaces, and invite the audience to join them. They invite them to share a unique experience: their perspective. 


Title:  Border Frequency

Creator: Anber Onar

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Video Installation

Language: Turkish

Duration: Durational-Looped

A video installation, which combines two image-making traditions: video animation and shadow theatre. The shadow-figures constantly move in ambivalent positions and gestures which, like the soundtrack, could be interpreted, depending on the viewer’s cultural references, as social, meditative, religious, or erotic. [More information: www.sidestreets.org]

Title: Cardiophone

Performer: Moran Duvshani 

Country: Israel

Genre/Medium: Interdisciplinary

Language: English, Greek / Turkish 

Duration:  Durational 

A private listening to the melody of your heart. 

This participatory piece combines medical device and a music box, and hosts one visitor at a time.

You are invited to a three-stage journey that starts by undergoing an ECG test and ends by listening to the unique melody generated by your own heart. [More information: www.moranduvshani.com]



Creative Team: Aristi Pavlou  

With Anastasia Barka, Kyriakos Zantis, Frixos Masouras, Aristi Pavlou, Petros Petrou (Turok)

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Performative Audiowalk

Language: English, Turkish, Greek

Duration: Durational performance in loops of 20-30minutes

It is a site-specific performative audiowalk which is bound and inspired by the surrounding space and aspires to give a temporal experience of it. The work is formulated by the space of the Buffer zone, and inspired from it.  [More information: www.aristipavlou.com]

Title: The “Counter-Militarization Action”

Creative team:  Laboratory of Urbanism University of Cyprus (LUCY) and AA & U for Architecture, Art and Urbanism (project leader: Socrates Stratis)  

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: A Critical Spatial Practice

Language: English

Duration: Loop 

A performance that criticizes the island’s actual militarization. It takes place across the divide, along a loop both in the north and the south parts of Nicosia. Two tricycles with pulling banners are following the loop in opposite directions. They are meeting at designated public spaces, to form a place of dialogue, inviting us to imagine the urban commons of Federal Cyprus, without armies. We start with the MERIDIAN CITY, theurbanizing region stretching from Kyrenia, to Larnaka! Students' urban design projects and urban games on the same topic, will be catalysts for the discussion


Title: The Mirror Space

Performers / Creative Team: ARUCAD (Alev Adil, Asli Bolayir, Dize Kükrer, Dicle Özlüses, Oya Silbery, Cem Yardimci)  

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Performative Interactive Installation

Duration: Durational

A peaceful place for reflection on the in-between space of the Buffer Zone, and a place where the mirrors reflect not the face of the one who gazes but the face of the 'other' who is gazing away. Though you have your back turned on them, you see the face of the other… The Mirror Space is a space for reflecting on the known and unknown, and for dreaming new connections and healing stories. 

Title: The Affective Garage: A Collective Junction

Performer: Nihal Soğancı 

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Interdisciplinary

Language: English

Duration: Durational 

An invitation to a collective and creative journey through a participatory installation to re-imagine the buffer zone as an in-between space through everyday objects flashing beyond the webs of memory.

Title: Ört, doldur, göm aşk ne?/ Cover, fill, bury... What is love?

Performer: Ayça Ceylan

Country:  Turkey

Genre/Medium: Performance Art

Language: Turkish / English 

Duration: 65 minutes

Ayça  Ceylan will present the interactive performance involving five audience members. The artist’s will be  inviting the audience/participants on a journey through  various love manifestations. A participant will have thirteen minutes with the artist to share life and tea, focusing on love by writing love letters, while the other participants who watch, listen and taste the tea can join the performance. [More information: https://aycaceylan.wordpress.com/]


Title: Ledra Palace Museum Project 

Creative Team:  Rise Project [Museum Lab Group & Immersive Technologies for Intelligent and Creative Applications Group - Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert, Kleanthis Neocleous, Antigone Heraclidou, Panayiotis Kyriakou, Savvas Avraam, Maria Shehade] 

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Installation

Language: English / Greek

Duration: Durational

A collection of audiovisual memories from the Ledra Palace Hotel, based on 360-degree filming of the interior and archival material will be presented. Simultaneously, a crowdsourcing will take place,  in order to gather as much information, photos or objects, as possible, related to the hotel, of people interacting with the space as guests, as audience, as participants in meetings, or as employees. [More information:http://www.rise.org.cy/en-gb/research/research-groups/museum-lab/projects/the-ledra-palace-project-dealing-with-difficult-h/]


Title: digiTale Journey

Performer: Bariş Parlan

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Digital Storytelling - Live Audio/Visual Remix Performance

Language: English

Duration: 40 minutes

A live audiovisual remix performance. By remixing many different digital content, the artist aims to lead the audience on a journey dealing with the themes of  peace in one’s self, understanding human nature, evolution, consciousness, reality, and many things in between. [More Information: www.bparlan.com]


Title: Nothing Happened Archetype

Creator: Benna Gaean Maris 

Country:  United States of America

Genre/Medium: Performance video recording

Duration: 33 minutes

The artist creates a drawing representing herself, this action is the creation of a buffer between her and the beholder, a medium for her image to be presented as a story, telling the metaphysical meaning of the action itself. Further, the depicted living being itself, as a conceptual meaning, is a buffer between power and people as messenger. [More information: http://aaaabeegimnnnrs.net/]


Open Mike

Curation: Oya Akin and Andreas Makris

15:30 - 19:00

What happens when you give people and microphone, a stage and 5 minutes and ask them “what does the buffer zone mean to YOU”?  This is the idea behind the Open Mic, set up on the stage in the Mula Moat. Anyone to express themselves in the ‘Buffer Zone’ itself, and to talk about their own experiences, thoughts or share something meaningful.


Title: Buffer Shorts

Performer: ‘Involuntary Terrans’ led by Thadd Correia   

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Theatre

Language: English

Duration: 30 minutes


Buffer Shorts six short pieces exploring buffer zones in  different areas of society, based on personal experiences of the cast and interviews conducted with various members of their respective communities.

Title:Oscillating in between

Students and Graduates of the  Fine Art Programme, University of Nicosia

Participants: Bugche Bozkurt, Katerina Paisi, Nafsika Demetriou, Öykü Özoğul, Alisa Kyprianou, Miriam Gatt,  Marina Andreou, Özcan Kahvecioğlu, Evi Tselika (coordination)

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Multiple Mediums (Theater/installations etc.)

Language: various

Duration: Durational

A group of students and graduates of the Fine Art Programme, University of Nicosia are responding and developing art works in a multiplicity of mediums responding to the theme of the call. The participating students and graduates are responding in a multiplicity of ways in relation to the in between space represented by the buffer zone. The contributions include installations, videos, performances, prints, typographic experiments and other mixed media art works.

  • 15:30, Katerina Paisi, Nafsika Demetriou (guest: Solomon Burt), Push! (i would love to have you by my side to), a participatory performance.

  • 17:30, Alisa-Alexandra Kyprianou, Öykü Özoğul, Fusion of horizons, performance and video

  • Miriam Gatt, In Translation, Installation/ Mixed media

  • Bugche Bozkurt, “Making a Difference? / Utopic Hub “,  durational social participation  - socially engaged art


 Title: Skortoi ji alas: Language and identity in Cypriot Romeika / Σκόρτοι τζι άλας: Γλώσσα και ταυτότητα στα Ρωμαϊικα της Κύπρου

Creative team / Performers: UCY Department of Education Team (Language/Literacy Team): Marilena Paraskeva, Nansia Kyriakou, Valentina Christodoulou (researchers); Elena Ioannidou (instructor); Pantelitsa Christou, Maria Papandreou,  Penia Skamnaki (Postgraduate students); Antriana Neofytou, Eleni Parelli Katerina Panagiotou (Undergraduate Students).

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Performative Storytelling

Language: Greek (with English translation)

Duration: Loop (40 minutes)

Part of the sociolinguistic research project “GRECO: Greek in enclave communities. Language and identity in Romeika speakers” (funded by Leventis Foundation and the University of Cyprus)

Based on the oral histories collected by Greek-speaking Turkish-Cypriots, a group of researchers and students from the University of Cyprus, create a performative space, a garden where stories, sensations and emotions can be shared and explored, all deriving from the concepts of language use, authenticity, stigma, space and identity.


Title: Contested States and the architecture of the in-between

Performer / participants: Heather Mitcheltree, Mitchell Ransome, Sophie Gearon, Yanxing Zhang,  Louis O'Connor, Sarah Mair, Xinyun Li, Su Gu, Hao Zhuang, Yue Zhao, Yohanes Richo Wirawan, Qiaoqiao Yang – the University of Melbourne: Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning 

Country:  Australia

Genre/Medium: Exhibition / Installations/ Interactive 3D scanning

Language: English 

Focusing primarily on the UN buffer zone in Cyprus, the works explore how architecture might be utilised to frame the politics of boundary conditions, spatial manifestations of memory, and socio-political narratives of identity, conflict, and the in-between.  The student work exhibited is adapted from work produced as part of a Master of Architecture design studio at the Melbourne School of Design during semester 1, 2019. This studio was led by Heather Mitcheltree and Dr Majdi Faleh, with technical support from Mitchell Ransome.



Title: Urban Glendi (Curated by Urban Guerrillas -  Yiorgos Hadjichristou) 

Participants / performers: Urban Guerillas

Creative Center for Fluid Territories- Duncan Higgins, Ana Souto, Jim Harold, Susan Brind, Shaunna McMullan, Johann Sandborg, Andrew David Lock, Linda Lien, Yiorgos Hadjichristou, Petros Lapithis, Maria Hadjisoteriou.      

UNIC- Architecture Department of the University of Nicosia Yiorgos Hadjichristou, Maria HadjisoteriouAndreas Prokopio, Christos Xenofontos, Giorgos Kartsakas, Afra Omidi, Thomas Florentzou, Maria Kyriakou, Chrystall Koufopavlou, Christina Galanou, Stefanos Panteli


Collaborator: Dendros ltd

Country:  Cyprus and International

Genre/Medium: Interactive Installation & presentations

Language: English

Duration: Durational

 Behind a grove of plants and trees, a stage of a courtyard will be generated between two tents and the walls: an ‘Urban Glenti’ will be performed.

The tents will accommodate exhibition of the participants work as a hanging garden in dialogue with the mobile forest that will surround them. The courtyard will act as the environment where the ‘Urban Glenti’ will be celebrated with presentations and discussions. By the end of the event, the plants will be planted in the area of the Home of Cooperation.


27th October 2019

Dancehouse Lefkosia (map)


17:00/ 20:30 / 23:00

 Title: Heteroclite buffer memory

Creative team Lefki Papachrysostomou & Alma Alba Theater Company (Laurent Annoni, Verena Lopes, Loïc Rivoalan, Vana Kostayola, Maria Chrysanthou, Lambros Yiorkatzis, Paraplevros)

Country: Switzerland & Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Performative dance-theatre

Language: English

Duration: Durational- 25-30 min/3 loops

“Heteroclite buffer-memory” deals with the notion of the buffer zone as an in-between space by proposing a voyage through image, sound and movement. Inside this non-place, two heteroclite entities are wondering. The two bodies desperately try to meet, to transform the space by establishing a rite of passage. [More information: www.cie-alma-alba.com]



Title: Re.move

Performer: Eleana Alexandrou / Sound: Panos Bartzis 

Country: Cyprus

Genre/Medium: Performance art/dance

Language: English and Greek (spoken Greek-cypriot dialect)

Duration: 3 hours

It is not so much about the dance itself but the experience of time through it, the experience of dance as an act of thinking. The experience of physical exhaustion, of deterioration. The experience of spending time together hopefully until the end.  [More information: www.bythewayproductions.com]



Title: Oscilo 

Performer: Claroscuro 

Country: Puerto Rico (USA)

Genre/Medium: Dance

Language: Spanish

Duration: 30 minutes

Through their perspectives they informed their work as they delved into the concepts of borders, cultural shock, sanctuary, language, and home. It is a performance emphasizing on the concept of immigration and its effect on the people and the territory that is left behind. [More information: https://www.facebook.com/claroscuropr/]


The Festival 

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival (BFPAF) showcases new and experimental work by local and international artists, challenges physical and artistic barriers, and creates opportunities for artists to meet and exchange ideas. It creates the environment for the questioning of preconceived ideas of the performing arts, the relationship between artists and audience, and shines a new light on the relationship between arts and society. The festival hosts innovative work, artists who practice cutting-edge methodologies, and are open to inter-disciplinary and cross-sectorial work. 

The Festival’s programming aims to offer both local and international artists a platform to showcase their work and offers the opportunity for interaction between artists, between artists and audiences, of audiences and space, as well as with the BFPAF institution, in a celebratory spirit of multiculturalism and peaceful coexistence. Taking place in a divided country, Buffer Fringe Festival assumes more responsibilities than an arts festival taking place elsewhere. It is one of a kind in Cyprus and the world.


BFPAF Theme “Defining the/a Buffer Zone, the In-Between Space” 

The Festival is a creative meeting between local and international artists, students and scholars, an institution deeply rooted in the Buffer Zone of Nicosia. Thus far, the Buffer Zone of Ledra Palace, has been largely undefined artistically, in spite being the grounds for events since 2011.   

The Concept of the BFPAF 2019 is based on this gap, which has shaped the following questions:


What does the/a Buffer Zone mean to you (artistically and personally)? 

How do you understand it as an in-between place, between realities? 

How do you understand it as a process, an ever-changing process that spans through time, memory, and aesthetics? 

We invite Cyprus-based and International artists to propose work, which is meaningful for them, the space and institution of the Fringe, in a creative space where often form, content and process interplay with the creators and the audience. Their work must adhere to the values of artistic freedom and mutual respect, and strive for artistic excellence and the production of meaningful art, while at the same time recognizing the space as one of past trauma, but which also holds promise for a peaceful future.  We also invite artists to consider how culture (culture of violence, culture of peace, etc.) has been a) colonialized on the island, and b) sensationalized world-wide, and anticipate that they shape their proposals free of those syndromes. 

All forms of experimental performance work are accepted, which can contain (but are not limited to) theatre, music, dance, acrobatics, installation/visual art and other cross-disciplinary elements. Moreover, we welcome proposals for participatory, durational, and/or site-specific formats.  

Finally, and as part of a process of developing the Fringe community on the island, Cyprus-based artists will have the opportunity to engage with the BFPAF creative and technical staff in a process of consultation. Moreover, we aim towards the participation of universities and departments in an inter-disciplinary creative process, including an incubation period with the Festival’s creative and technical staff.  


We have been inspired by artists, authors, scholars and others, who have written about theatre, community arts and in-between spaces.  

Here are some of the highlights: 

Anyone can do theater, even actors. And theater can be done everywhere. Even in atheatre” Augusto Boal 

“Yet in any art that uses people as a medium, ethics will never retreat entirely. The task is to relate this concern more closely to aesthesis. Some key terms that emerge here are enjoyment and disruption.” Claire Bishop, in Artificial Hells 

 “For a young theatre-maker, with wide eyes on a world of daily horror stories, it is invaluable advice to take on board - a reminder to focus on the here and now, and to search for the changes that you can actually make, rather than getting lost  in the enormity of all the issues that we, as a global community, are engulfed in. Community is you and me, here and now.” Alexander Roberts, writing about the in-between space at ICAF 2011    

(…) “I can feel the frozen time flying over a perfect emptiness, minutes pass, hours grow. Lessness is here… “  

(…) Νοιώθω τον παγωμένο χρόνο να πετά πάνω από μια τέλεια κενότητα, τα λεπτά περνούν, οι ώρες μεγαλώνουν. Η απουσία βρίσκεται μεταξύ μας…” 

(…) “Donmuş zamanın mutlak bir boşluğun üzerinden geçişini duyumsayabiliyorum, dakikalar geçmekte, saatler ilerlemekte. Azalma burada." 

excerpt from “My Own Private Nicosia (Gap Between Walls)” by Ricardo Echevarria, published in Cyprus: Tracing the non-visible, 2012.  

"In Antigone Sophocles imagined the corpse festering outside the city walls. The corpse is centre stage here. The Dead Zone is a sinuous scabrous snake of a septic scar within the old city walls. Some of us see ourselves as Antigone, who want to give their dead their due; others as Creon, who think it politic to leave them where they are. Perhaps this is all a case of mistaken identity. We are all Polynices, all ghosts of a failed state.” Alev Adil, in Architecture of Forgetting, towards a poetics of the ‘dead zone’ of Nicosia.  

"(…) buildings, overgrown vegetation, ruined gardens, abandoned fields, barbed wire. A decades-long process of ideological filtering has turned these signs into standard representations for this in-between space. These are signs of conflict, yet they are also lingering evidence of abuse and violation. As such, they have been used in the creation of what one might call a semiotic canon through which the Dead Zone accesses its meanings. And meaning is always entwined with the national will to show the other side as the perpetrator. The paradox, that may be no paradox at all, is that these same signs also render it strangely attractive and, at times, irresistible.” Stavros Karayiannis in Zone of Passions: a Queer Re-imagining of Cyprus’s “No Man’s Land”.