Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2018 Open Call for Volunteers

The Buffer Fringe Festival 2018

The festival will take place in different venues throughout the city. There is an initial experimental part of the festival Duets that will happen every week in October starting from the 8th. The main stage of the festival will take place between the 1st and 4th of November. We will welcome art performers from across the globe as well as local artists.



Join us!
The Volunteer Programme provides an opportunity for individuals to develop skills alongside artists and creatives while they assist at the Buffer Fringe Festival. Being a volunteer in our movement means you believe in the otential for arts and culture to transform our reality and society. It means you are a part of the team that makes the Buffer Fringe Festival an unforgettable event! You will get the chance to meet and hang out with artists, find out how it is all done, learn new skills, and of course, enjoy the party. By the end of the Festival, the Home for Cooperation will provide the volunteers with a certificate of participation, that also will state the number of hours you have contributed to working on the Festival with us.
During the Festival
Our voluntary team includes those of all levels of experience, from individuals with years of knowledge to newcomers excited to offer their time. Volunteers will be asked to assist dedicated roles for the duration of the Festival.
Venue Crew:
• Providing information to artists and audience
• Welcoming the artists
• Assisting the rehearsals
Front of House:
• Setting up the venues
• Street team/ direction
• First aid
• Reception
Creative Team (Documenting the festival):
• Photographers
• Bloggers
• Social media activists
• Sound, Lighting and Stage
If you choose to join as a volunteer please be aware that the different events take part in all parts of the city on both sides of the buffer zone. This means you must bring valid identification. For volunteers under the age of 18 it is necessary to pass with a valid passport.
For more information on the Buffer Fringe Festival and The Home for Cooperation you can check our website: www.home4cooperation.info
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: outreach.home4cooperation@gmail.com or call us at: +357 22 445 740, +90 548 834 5740