Open Call / Duet   

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival / Cyprus 2018

Category: Artists from the field of the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Research & Writing 

Reach: National & International Applications
Application Deadline: July 6, 2018

Period for Duets: 1/10/18 - 04/11/18 *

* Important Note:

Applicants must ensure their availability for the period (1.10. – 4.11.) until final “Duets” are selected (3rd August). After final pairs are chosen, each Duet will be assigned a 6-day research/rehearsal period (Mon – Sat) ending with a presentation on the final day, with the possibility for selection for an additional staging of the work during the Festival (Nov 1st –Nov 4th).           

Micro-Formats / Duet

Always wanted to work with an artist from a different discipline? 

Never found the courage, resources, time or perfect match?

Duet is the Buffer-Fringe’s new experimental platform in which Artist-Duets are formed.

This unique Micro-Format encourages cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural dialogue in which one artist can explore a subject with another artist from a different discipline and/or different ethnic background. The festival will “pair-up” artists and grant each Artist-Duet a rehearsal space for a week-long artistic encounter during which research and rehearsals take place, culminating in a performance/presentation on the final day of the residency. 

Applicants should include in their application a description of the subject they wish to explore
(based on the Festival’s theme “Breaking Points”) as well as an indication of the type of discipline they seek for collaboration. While specific Duet-Partners can be suggested, each individual
artist must apply separately.

Due(tt) particularly encourages collaborations between classic performance/stage arts (dance, theatre, music, stand-up comedy) with the visual arts (design, fine-art, architecture, installation), literature (writing, journalism, dramaturgy), or new technology (digital, interactive, social media).

Each Artist-Duet will be given a rehearsal space for one week during October (1-6, 8-13, 15-20, 

22-27, 2018). Aside from a short stage performance/presentation at the end of the collaboration (15-30min), Buffer-Fringe will grant a small number of Artist-Duets – selected by a committee of professionals – the opportunity to perform within the Main Frame/Stage of the Buffer-Fringe Festival (Nov 1-4, 2018). Selected Artist-Duets for the Festival will receive a EUR 500 grant.


Buffer Fringe 2018 offers a research/rehearsal space for one week, the opportunity to meet other artists, access to all performances and parallel events of the festival, a chance to share your experience over social and networking events and an opportunity for international exposure of your work to other festivals and the World Fringe Network.  A modest stipend of EUR 100 will be provided to each Artist-Duet to cover basic expenses.

Parameters / Requirements:

  • Applicants must apply as “Individuals” (not as pairs)
  • Specific technical equipment needed for research, rehearsals and presentations must be provided by the artists  
  • Suggestions for spaces will be considered (Gallery, Dancehall, Theater, Multi-media Lab)
  • Moderate English language skills (exceptions are possible if a partner in your language can be found) 

Selection Criteria:

  • Applicants will be selected by an artistic committee composed of artists, curators and professionals from the field of the performing, visual and literary arts and the artistic director of the festival
  • Selections will favor artists who take risks in their work in search of new ways to express themselves
  • Preference will be given to artists with strong subject/themes for exploration
  • A track-record of practical experience in their area of expertise

Applications must contain:

  • A description of the theme/subject matter you want to explore (max. 300 words)
  • An artist bio of the artist (max. 300 words)
  • Field of expertise / discipline (your own)
  • An indication of the discipline (or several) you wish to explore or collaborate with (suggestions of an ideal “partner” will be considered but cannot be guaranteed)

>> Applications must be submitted in English.

>> The application period ends at noon, 12pm Friday, July 6th, 2018

Please send your applications and inquiries via e-mail to:

Please note that due to large numbers of applications we will only be able to contact selected applicants by 3rd August, 2018

For further inquiries, please call: +357.22445740/ +90. 5488345740