Buffer Fringe 2020 Partners

 IMPACT (Imagining Together Platform for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation)

“IMPACT is a worldwide, values-driven collaboration to design and activate strategies to strengthen the arts, culture and conflict transformation ecosystem (acct). This ecosystem includes individuals and organizations working on the international stage and in local neighborhoods - sometimes at great risk - creating festivals and crafting policies, documenting practices and developing theories, enlivening communities and building bridges across differences. In this ecosystem, [they] imagine and embody a more just, more vibrant, less violent world. The grand challenges confronting humanity – climate change, growing inequalities, wars and legacies of past wars, displacement, the rise of authoritarian regimes, political and social polarization, and more - call for urgent creative attention beyond the linear, rational approaches that have proved insufficient and often counter-productive. The acct ecosystem addresses these challenges in distinct, constructive, transformative ways.”

Thanks to the valuable partnership with IMPACT, the festival will implement the “Thinking Partners” program, which entails the targeted matching of the participating artists with a Thinking Partner, an individual with an advisory role, who will work in close contact with the artists to generate critical discussion around the artistic practice itself and the ACCT field in general. Thus, the Thinking Partner will enhance the artists’ conceptual and/or creative process, by offering new, distinctive perspectives and ideas, and by further connecting them to the ACCT ecosystem. This cooperation and exchange of ideas aims to bridge any gaps within the artist groups (in collaborative work), and between the arts and other fields.


MITOS (Mitos Performing Arts Center)

 The Home for Cooperation and the MITOS are collaborating for the curation of a 6 hour program which will take place in Limassol/Famagusta/Nicosia as part of the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2020. MITOS will be hosting the work of another partner of the Festival - Mağusa Kale Pasajı - in Limassol and they will showcase their work in Famagusta at the Pasaj. 

The Centre of Performing Arts MITOS is a non-profit organization founded in 2007, by performers Elena Agathokleous and Lukasz Walewski. It is situated at the Old Vinegar Factory, a former traditional vinegar workshop in the historical centre of Limassol, Cyprus. MITOS’s theatre work counts 17 productions and has a track record of diversity and inclusion in its collaborators and themes. It is interested in cultural heritage and its contemporary function and perception, while specializing in the production of experimental ancient greek drama performances. MITOS’s activities focus on establishing a performance platform for the arts in Cyprus through a residency program (theYard.Residency), festivals (Mikro Ancient drama festival, Strange Screen), theatre productions, ‘lipasma’ theater education program, workshops, screenings, symposiums, ‘do not CUT art’ weekly radio show, etc. In parallel, MITOS gives emphasis to social issues of the local community and collaborates with European and international cultural networks, in order to support artistic mobility and exchange.


Mağusa Kale Pasajı

Kale Pasajı is one of our two partners for the curation of a sub-program that will take place in Limassol/Famagusta/Nicosia as part of the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2020. Pasaj and MITOS will be collaborating on the curation of this program to host each other's work in their respective venues and cities.

Pasaj is a new iniative of young people and artists that is formed in the walled city of Famagusta in a space that was closed for 15 years.Pasaj is home to bar/cafe, second hand clothes shop, MAGEM, musical instruments repair shop and wood studio, restaurant, hand made items and jewellery shop.