Jack-the-Cat’s Dream

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Jack-the-Cat’s Dream

The First Book in Jack-the-Cat’s Adventures© Series

 A Bellapais resident Sezgi Yalın’s first children’s book in a new series of books was published in English, Turkish, and Greek in November 2018 and is now available on Amazon and can be viewed on Facebook page Jack-the-Cat’s Dream. A Cyprus 2017 Stelios Bi-Communal award winner, Jack-the-Cat’s Dream is the amazing true story of a cat who dreams about moving from the big city of Chicago to a the small village of Bellapais in Cyprus.

Created for the age of four and up, the children's book on Jack-the-Cat aims to teach kids how some of the most desired things in life are achieved through taking risks and being brave. The author also envisions parents reading Jack-the-Cat’s Dream to their children and encouraging them to pursue and realize their dreams like Jack-the-Cat. Beautifully illustrated by Louiza Kaimaki who won several illustration awards, the story is written by Sezgi, the owner of Jack-the-Cat who accompanied Jack during his move to Cyprus from Chicago. Dedicated to children around the world, Jack’s adventure traveling from one part of the world to another is a heart-warming story. 

Jack-the-Cat’s Dream is the first in a series of children’s books called Jack-the-Cat’s Adventures©. Created through the professional collaboration and friendship of two natives of Cyprus Sezgi Yalın and Louiza Kaimaki, the series hopes to entertain and encourage children to discover our world. The books also intend to guide children in their journey through life, so they grow up to be happy, healthy, engaged, and productive individuals.

The series of books hopes to:

* inspire children to fulfill the potential in their lives.

* teach kids to value happiness, health, family and friends.

* role model how to stay true to one’s self while cooperating with others.

* introduce children to nature and wildlife around the world and in Cyprus.

* transport children to different corners of Cyprus and the world.

* teach children about people who shaped the history and lives of those around the world and on Cyprus.

* re-introduce children to the special days celebrated in Cyprus and the rest of the world.

Price: €13.80

Language: English, Turkish, Greek

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