Karpasia, Images and Memories

25,00 €

Karpasia, Images and Memories is an illustrated book on Karpasia with photos of the peninsula depicting its unparalleled beauty.  These pictures are enhanced with village stories of life in the past. The stories portray the way all Cypriots used to live in days gone by, describing the Cypriot character, culture and mentality. The aim of the book is to show how all Cypriots, regardless of ethnic roots, used to live together in a simple way, struggling to survive, united by hardships, poverty and yet a positivity towards life. Greek and Turkish Cypriots from all 42 villages of the peninsula have lived in harmony for centuries in this enchanting part of the world. Their stories are evidence that the two communities can coexist. It is a journey in the past portraying a modest yet rich heritage and tradition. A life that young people today cannot even envision but need to learn about. It is homage to Karpasia’s exquisiteness and to Cypriot bygone days.*

Price: €25

Language: Greek

More information: https://karpasia-images.weebly.com/

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