Co-working Spaces

A big family of the civil society shares the Home for Cooperation, contributing to and supporting each other’s work. The Home now also offers co-working spaces to organizations, teams and individuals who want to enjoy a little more flexibility and an alternative place to work yet be part of the community of the Home for Cooperation. The H4C offers a safe environment with easy access from both sides of the divide.
The H4C has 4 working stations in a co-working space, which can be rented out in the following three packages:
a) 12-month agreement, 150 euros + VAT per month
b) 3-month agreement, 180 euros + VAT per month
c) 1-month agreement, 200 euros + VAT per month
Additional information:
• The coworking space can be accessed from The Home Cafe located on the ground floor of the Home for Cooperation
• The coworking space is open between 09:00 and 19:00, from Monday to Friday
• Utility services included (internet/water/electricity/cleaning)
• Four complimentary hours for the use of the workshop room
• Designated mailbox for long term agreements
• Small fridge and microwave
If you are interested in renting a desk at the Home for Cooperation, and for any questions, please contact us.
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