Inside our welcoming café visitors can find a large collection of audiovisual resources, books, periodicals, archives and reports in English, Greek or Turkish language.

Anyone can visit the public library and explore, browse or study from our books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, audio books and many more.

To check out the full list of books you can follow this link. 


The Home for Cooperation "Community Library Service & Policy"


1. Library Access:

Community Library allows free use of materials within The Home Café area.

Any item from the library collection cannot be lent out.

The library is a public facility integrated to the café section at the Home for Cooperation where you can also enjoy free wi-fi, music, peaceful environment and delicious snacks & drinks.

The collection is categorised based on 9 themes and each has marked with a colour-code. See the Article.3 for the details about the categories and the conditions to use each of them.

There is no alphabetical or numerical order that you need to follow. Follow the colour sticks on the edge of each book and find the right shelf.

We would be so glad if you do not miss to leave the book back to the shelf where it belongs. In this way, other people will be able to benefit from the library as much as you.

If you want to use any item from the locked-sections, please check with the Home for Cooperation staff.


2. Library Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9am-9pm

Saturday: 10am-2pm

Sunday: Closed



3. The Library Collection:

The Community Library consists of three main collections:

General Collection:

-          History

-          Education

-          Social Science (subcategories: gender, psychology, sociology, political science, statistics, law, anthropology, religious studies)

-          Art & Architecture

-          Literature

-          Media

-          EU & UN

-          Periodicals (subcategories: journals, reports, project-publications i.e. seminar notes, conference presentations)

-          Have-a-look (in this category, there are books on yoga, cuisine, oceanography, cactus species, bird species in Cyprus, accountancy etc)

Audio-Visual Collection:

The Community Library has two basic services based on the audio-visual collection:

  • Visitors may use their own laptops to watch any DVD providing that they have their headphones to prevent any disturbance by the noise.
  • Visitors may be interested to organise a private-screening for a group activity in an available room at the Home. Two rooms are available for that function depending on the room availability and size of group. Please contact the Home for Cooperation staff for assistance.

Rare Collection:

  • A rare collection of books is not available for use at The Home Café area but can be opened to  researchers, academics, educators etc. Please contact the Home for Cooperation staff for assistance.


4. Community Library Code of Conduct & Meeting Facilities Specifications:

The purpose of the Community Library is to provide open public access to all of the Library’s written, recorded, filmed, and electronic resources and to its informational and cultural services. The Home for Cooperation - Community Library and its staff are committed to providing a peaceful atmosphere in which to carry out this purpose.

The aforementioned commitment can only be fully achieved if users of the Library respect the rights of all other users and cooperate with the Home for Cooperation staff in charge of the library. This general statement underlies the more specific provisions of the Library’s Code of Conduct & Meeting Facilities Specifications which are set forth below:

-          The users should not interfere with the functioning of the Library or disturb others with excess noise and extreme behaviours.

-          No Library property can be misused, damaged or defaced.

-          No Library property can be removed out of the Home for Cooperation without the staff’s knowledge.

-          Children under the age of seven, for their safety and well-being, must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

-          Animals, other than those trained to assist disabled users or approved as participants in designated Library programs, are not permitted in The Home Café where the library facility is located.

 “Meeting Facilities” shall include the workshop room, the conference room and The Home Café as well as any other enclosed areas the director may, from time to time, designate as meeting facilities.

The Meeting Facilitates of the Community Library shall be available to the users under the following conditions:

-          The rooms and any designated meeting areas are under the responsibility of the users as well as the Home for Cooperation staff.

-          The rooms or any designated meeting area should be left as it is provided to the use as clean and non-damaged. In case of loss or damage, users are required to compensate.

-          The technical equipment provided for any library-oriented activity or screening should be used with care. In case of any technical problem, users must ask for the support of the staff.  The Home for Cooperation may provide a caretaker to the users upon request.

-          In the rooms and any designated meeting area, food & drink is allowed as long as the second condition is fulfilled.

-          The rooms and any designated meeting area should be left on time –particularly if there is any other activity in the same place following.


5. The Library Donation Policy

Your donation to the Community Library is greatly appreciated. Eclectic donations of new and unusual materials allow us to increase the breadth of subjects of our collection. In that sense, thank you for supporting community sharing and recycling of books, CDs, DVDs and other resources.

However, a library representative must approve bulk donations before bringing them into the building. Please read our policy below before bringing major donations to the Home for Cooperation— or you may prefer to contact us at about your collection during working hours [10:00 – 18:00 / week days].

All items donated to the Library become the property of the Community Library without conditions. We have tax credit receipts for your donation upon request.

We are glad to accept (clean, undamaged, in good to excellent condition):

  • Hardback, trade paperback and children’s books for general readers of all ages.
  • Printed in Braille books and/or audiobooks on CD/DVD for sight-disabled users.
  • Books, photos, oral and written histories, biographies, thesis, research texts, memoirs, polyglots and other audio-visual items (DVD documentaries, movies, reversal films, music on CD, e-books and audiobooks) pertaining particularly to the history / art / architecture / literature of Cyprus, Mediterranean zone and other geographies that experienced conflict in the past or still in the paradox of conflict, peacebuilding, education of peace, international law and human rights.

 We do not accept:

  • Dusty, mouldy, torn, highlighted, water-damaged, or rodent-marked materials.
  • Old and highlighted textbooks, college annuals, and alumni publications (unless of regional historical interest).
  • Catalogues.
  • Magazines (unless of regional historical interest).
  • Directories (unless of regional historical interest).
  • Homemade tapes, CDs or DVDs (unless of regional historical interest).
  • Travel Guides (unless of regional historical interest).
  • Any other written or audio-visual items pertaining to themes out of the abovementioned themes.
  • Any resource insulting, discriminating, targeting any given cultural group and/or violating human rights.


6. Community Library Activities

-          Literature events, book and poetry readings

-          Book clubs, storytelling activities for adults and kids

-          Screenings of a selection from the audio-visual collection.