We truly value the support of all our interns and volunteers! Promoting volunteerism is an important part of healthy community development and engagement. If you are interested to join our team, in whichever capacity, please send an email and a motivation letter: admin@home4cooperation.info


Here are some short stories from our past interns/volunteers: 



Lily Bethencourt | France | 2021

"There is no better place than the Home for Cooperation to truly understand how to bring together the island’s communities and participate in peace-building projects. Working in various fields and having a wide range of daily tasks and projects, the organization has allowed me, as an intern, to acquire a lot of varied knowledge. Above all, I had the chance to be surrounded by incredible, caring and hardworking people who illuminate your day with their positivity and kindness."


Panayiota Zintili  Cyprus | 2021

"Home for Cooperation was a very warm place with lovely people in the difficult situation of pandemic. My internship in Buffer Fringe Festival provided me skills of organizing and preparing an artistic festival. Walking along the green line every morning, hearing English, Turkish and Greek in the office, meeting people from Turkish Cypriot community with common academic background with me, exchanging experiences and knowledge, was a great inspiration. Thank you Home, thank you Buffer Fringe!"


Suzan Kisaoglu | Cyprus | 2020 

"My internship experience at the Home for Cooperation has not only been a work experience; it has been a process of discovering the hope for peace that the societies of Cyprus grow together. I have observed how the people from different backgrounds and believes can work unitedly in harmony for the same purpose; for peace. Now, the Home for Cooperation is a home for me where I feel that “I am not the only one”."




Mary Spyrou | Cyprus | 2020 

"I really enjoy the supportive, community environment created by the Home for Cooperation team. While interning for the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, it is truly inspiring to read about all the participating artists and how they have thrived working on their performances/installations, despite the pandemic. As I am a recent Drama graduate, it is especially important for me to expand my performative knowledge and creativity by learning about the wide range of innovative festival ideas concocted by each artist!"


Antonis Karavalis | Cyprus | 2020

"I collaborated with Home for Cooperation as an intern under strange circumstances, due to Covid-19. Even though the conditions were difficult, they confronted the pandemic with professionalism and did not interrupt their services and effort to unite people. I was touched by the friendly and cosy atmosphere which reigned among the staff. Home for Cooperation is located in the heart of Nicosia old town, and therefore represents the core of hope for a better future."





Stavros Kouroufexis | Cyprus | 2020
"I am grateful for all the beautiful persons I have met at the Home for Cooperation in these few months and happy to have been part of it, even for a brief period of time. An inspiring environment where people are engaged in doing things that matter. Cyprus, it seems, is still breathing after all."


Constantinos Patsalides | Cyprus | 2020

 "During my internship experience, I had the opportunity to learn more about our island's problem and how we can act upon solving it. I got to meet lots of interesting people and created meaningful relationships that will last longer than this 3-month period."



Constantinos Tsioumelas | Greece | 2019

 "My internship at the Home for Cooperation it was a great experience! The main point for me, it was that there are factors in “cypriot problem” whose voice can not be listened. And if we could listen to these (common) people we could co-exist peacefully, even after all these years without walls."





Reema Aburamadan | Palestine | 2019

 "My internship at the H4C was eye-opening and educational. I was a front-desk intern, I learned how to represent an organization in the best way possible through the position I worked in. This position taught me how to communicate with people, employers, and visitors, in a professional way. Also, it was wonderful to work in a place that promotes peace, understanding, and tolerance in Cyprus. The Home for Cooperation is an example of peace and tolerance which helps you to understand that the solution to any conflict in this world, whether it is political or personal, is peace, tolerance, and acceptance. In my point of view, the Home for Cooperation should be an example for each and every country that faces conflict with another."



Lily Zandstra | The Netherlands | 2019

 "When you think of a buffer zone, what comes to mind? Hostility, division, a wariness of

‘the other’? At the Home for Cooperation in Nicosia, Cyprus the complete opposite is found. A real home where people feel secure and free. Having researched the Cyprus dispute during my studies, it was an honour to be part of this peace initiative which works at a grassroots level. One of the many memories I shall cherish was the salsa dancing evening. Twirling under the stars in the buffer zone brought members from across the divide, creating meaningful memories allowing people to express themselves, reunite and reconcile. The ambiance at the home is warm, welcoming and professional as it makes the first steps towards lasting peace."



Anna Damaskinou | Cyprus | 2019

"The Buffer Zone growing up was an unapproachable space, you couldn't grasp what it really was. You could not enter it was a prohibited zone. Working for a few months within that space changes your idea of its possibilities. The Home for Cooperation is the reason, the people who work there reinvent this divide daily into a space of contact and creativity. It was very exciting being part of that team for a while and working specifically for the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, I feel that I gained valuable life experience and knowledge and I am very grateful for the opportunity and the people I met."



 Ruth Amanwa Bekoe | Ghana | 2019

 "It’s been an interesting insight working with home for cooperation and EDIC. Home as the name goes is truly a replica of what it’s called. Great people all round, a favorable working and leaning abode. When one’s dedication and efforts are recognized by all and inspired to do more, it is truly a home. When you envision the life you want and the people in and around it makes it easier for you through its process. All projects worked on have indeed been educative and captivating. This has been an experience and a time worth it. I am grateful to all."  




Thomas Griffet | Belgium | 2018-2019

"Working as a trainee at the H4C was an amazing experience. The Home actually feels like a real home - in the middle of the Buffer Zone. The atmoshpere is so friendly that it becomes really easy to genuinely feel part of the H4C family. The team members are awsome, inspiring and dedicated people. As a trainee, my missions were so diverse and interesting that I was able to develop new skills I didn't imagine I would learn before coming. It was also good to be able to participate in current projects, suggest new ideas, be useful to the team and the Home's great cause." 



 Marina Stavrinides | Cyprus | 2018 

"I joined the Home for Cooperation team as an intern in September wanting to join the mission for peace-building. Not only did they inspire me to continue fighting for this cause but that cultural and artistic projects really bring out the good in people and connect communities. I had an amazing and educational experience at the Home among very hardworking individuals who truly embody the meaning of cooperation. This is a fast-paced, formal, and friendly work environment that demands attention from all parts of the team but shows that everyone has an impact. I was able to use my skills to help the H4C while also learning the value of good communication and organisation. It was an unforgettable experience."




Teresa Fehrenbach | Germany | 2018

"My internship at the Home for Cooperation was an incredible experience, not only because of its unique location, the buffer zone, but also because of its mission and team. I have never met so many nice people on one spot working so devotedly for their mission and believes. During my internship I acquired a lot of useful skills while being able to understand better the Cyprus problem as well as the Cypriot culture. Especially, I found it worthwhile to experience both sides and to hear stories and opinions from Turkish and Greek Cypriots. I am honoured to have contributed to the work of the Home for Cooperation and to have made a difference!"



Eman Saeed Hayat | Pakistan | 2018

"The home for cooperation is indeed without a doubt HOME for me .It has been an honor for me to have been allowed to become a part of an organization that strives to bring out the best in mankind in numerous diverse forms.Each and every team member treats one with immense kindness and helps you grow for the better.Interning at the home for cooperation has helped me learn and enhance my communication skills,multi tasking,team building,accepting new challenges and has essentially contributed to my self-development.It has been a blessing to be a part of an amazing team & I will always cherish my experience here with each and everyone for a lifetime.Family is what I would call the team at the H4C.''Intense love does not measure ;it just gives''-Mother Teresa ;nevertheless the Home for Cooperation is all about endless giving may it be love; laughter and spreading of peace."




 Emma Douven | Netherlands | 2018

"One and a half month ago I left the cosy city of Utrecht (The Netherlands) for an adventure in Nicosia at the Home for Cooperation and it really turned out to be a home. Living in a traditional house in the old town, accompanied by some other interns, my childhood dream finally came true; I have a room with blue shutters. Every morning I leave from this place to my other home in Nicosia, the Home Café. Even after this relatively short time I can already call the café home, especially because of the team. Hard working is combined with fun and laughter and I learned a lot about teamwork, multitasking (combining the different tasks of the Home as well as somehow finishing my thesis) and communication within your team as well as to the outside world. I already had a taste of the steaming summers in Nicosia so maybe that, by the time I finish my internship in mid-July, I almost long for a Dutch cold and rainy day. But I know I can always return to this place and maybe I’ll be back during the Buffer Fringe Festival in November." 




Lizzy Ioannidou  | Cyprus | 2018

"Interning with the Home for Cooperation is a truly valuable experience, most of all because I value all the work that the Home (that is, the incredible women that make up its team) does. It’s great to be a part of something that constantly produces hope, especially at times like these. The best part of the internship so far would be a piece I wrote about the significance of the upcoming Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival and how it contributes to establishing conditions of peace, since the process itself involved getting to know the team a bit better, while also doing what I love."




Phoebe Gruetter  | USA | 2018

"I have been working with the Home for Cooperation for about two months, and I am so grateful for all of the friendships and connections I have been able to make while here. Even though my stay in Cyprus will be short, I know my experience here has been incredibly valuable. I have assisted with a wide variety of tasks, including planning events, filling out applications, creating flyers and designs, and writing articles. Working here has allowed me to practice so many skills that I know will be useful in my future, and it has shown me a unique perspective through which to view this beautiful island."




Isabella Spehar - Seabra  | Canada | 2017 & 2018

"It is wonderful working for the Home for Cooperation, I am able to use my skills and passions in order to best help H4C, and my favourite part was the media content I was able to create for the Home in order to help spread the word about all the projects and activities it is doing for Cyprus."



Barbara Magalhaes Teixeira  | Brazil | 2017 

"My time at the H4C was full of love, fun and hard work. i was welcomed by the team with open arms, I made amazing friends for life and I learnt so much about working hard for what you are passionate about. The Home for Cooperation is a safe place in the middle of a confusing world where people can find themselves in others and others in themselves. I am extremely happy and proud to have been part of the incredible team of the Home for Cooperation, and I invite everyone to be part of a project, check out the amazing Buffer Fringe Festival, sign up for some classes or hang out at the Café! "




Eliz Peck  | UK | 2017

"Summing up my time at the H4C in just a few sentences is hard because I had so many amazing experiences, and met loads of cool people. My highlight was definitely seeing the world-class performances at the Buffer Fringe Festival, and being able to let our hair down at the after-party. If I could describe working at the H4C in a quote it would be: “Work hard, have fun, make a difference."



Orestes Georgiou Daniel  | Cyprus | 2016

"Though I only spent two short months at the Home 4 Cooperation, my time there was packed with so many experiences which have taught me much, and introduced me to so many people I feel I have learned from. However cliche it may sound, one constant at the H4C was the stream of people who would come in who always seemed to have an interesting story behind them. It's never dull at the H4C. "



George Elisseos  | Cyprus | 2016 

"The H4C was a great place to work.  During my internship there, I built on my knowledge on many different topics, made some great friends, and developed invaluable skills. One of the best features of H4C is its location. While being located in the heart of Nicosia, it is completely isolated from all of the noise and distractions of the city. You can sit enjoy a cup of coffee while overlooking the beautiful Arab Ahmet neighborhood. It also has the added benefit of acting as an international and multicultural hub, gathering many different visitors from around the world. It was a pleasure to work in such a multicultural environment, and get to receive guests who were eager to learn more about Cyprus."




David Hekkers | Belgium | 2015

“This experience was very beneficial for me, I learned a lot about myself and it allowed me to meet a new challenge: to adapt myself in a new environment. I was very happy to have this experience and proud to have worked at Home for Cooperation."



Adil Bay  | Cyprus | 2015 

"One day I showed up assuming it would be a normal day, an hour later there was the 2 leaders of the island with UN officials and a dozen of representatives having a lunch next door."



Rafaella Simoniants  | Cyprus | 2014-2015 

"The H4C was a great place to work.  During my internship there, I built on my knowledge on many different topics, made some great friends, and developed invaluable skills. One of the best features of H4C is its location. While being located in the heart of Nicosia, it is completely isolated from all of the noise and distractions of the city. You can sit enjoy a cup of coffee while overlooking the beautiful Arab Ahmet neighborhood. It also has the added benefit of acting as an international and multicultural hub, gathering many different visitors from around the world. It was a pleasure to work in such a multicultural environment, and get to receive guests who were eager to learn more about Cyprus."