Job Opening: Call for H4C Manager

Job type – Full time

Starting Date: 1st of December 2021

Duration: 12 months, with a possibility of extension

Job Description

About the Home for Cooperation: The Home for Cooperation is a unique community centre located in the heart of Nicosia. It is the embodiment of intercommunal cooperation, contributing to the collective efforts of civil society in their engagement with peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue. Using its sources, it encourages people to cooperate with each other beyond constraints and dividing lines.  

The Home for Cooperation essentially aims to act as a bridge-builder between separated communities, memories and visions. It provides working spaces and opportunities for Non-Governmental Organizations and individuals to design and implement innovative projects. 

Today the Home has become a landmark building within the Ledra Palace crossing, UN buffer zone. It facilitates situations for people to get together and to get to know each other. The Home hosts an extensive variety of cultural, artistic and educational programs with the aim to foster creativity and intercultural trust in Cyprus and internationally. 

About the position: As part of a dynamic and high-performing team, the H4C Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing strategic, networking and stakeholder-management plans; will direct and coordinate the operations of H4C; and will work to assure the future sustainability of the H4C. The Manager of the H4C complements the policy directions of the H4C Governing Board and operationalises these in the creation and implementation of annual plans and projects.

Location: Nicosia, Buffer Zone

Compensation: A competitive remuneration package will be offered according to skills and experience.

Key Responsibilities:

The Manager works with the H4C staff for the implementation of the approved annual plan and projects.

In regards to the Policy of the H4C, the H4C Manager:

·      Provides suggestions and proposals to the GB on policy directions

·      Works with staff for the development of the suggestions of the policy

·      Transforms the agreed shared vision and policy priorities into projects and proposals

·      Coordinates staff in the development of proposals

·      Prepares in coordination with the staff and submit to the GB the annual plan including objectives – activities

·      Represents (the organisation to the local and international community)

In regards to the implementation of Projects & Activities, the H4C Manager:

·      Designs and oversights of management of all project related activities and their implementation

·      Informs the GB about the progress of ongoing projects

·      Prepares and submits quarterly monitoring reports to the GB including new project ideas or approval

In regards to the Management of the H4C Space & the Staff including H4C Café, the H4C Manager is responsible for:  

·      The overall management of the H4C Space and staff

·      Developing the ToRs per the needs of the H4C and submission to the GB for approval

·      Identifying the needs for new staff or the need for termination of the existing staff.

·      Recommendation based on the identified needs is submitted to the GB for approval.

·      Organising and implementing the decision of the evaluation committee for the new staff

·      Overall staff assessment and can request the support of the GB where he/she feels it is necessary

In regards to Financial Management & Resource Mobilization, the H4C Manager:

·      Prepares and presents the annual budget of the H4C to the GB

·      Oversight and financial management of project activities

·      Submits quarterly financial report to the GB, prepared by the Operations Officer

·      Submits a plan for resource mobilisation

·      Ensures that expenditures are within the budget during a given year and informs board of any discrepancies on a quarterly basis

In regards to the General Assembly of the H4C, the H4C Manager: 

·      Informs the relevant staff to take necessary steps in accordance with the statute

·      Oversight of preparation of all necessary documentation to be submitted at the General Assembly

·      To receive candidacy applications and to make the necessary preparations for their submission to the General Assembly

Required Skills & Experience:

·       Master’s Degree in management, international relations, political science, peace and conflict studies or similarly relevant areas.

·       At least 3 years of experience in a leadership role, preferably in a nonprofit setting.

·       Familiarity with nonprofit management and best practices.

·       Familiarity with Human Resource management practices.

·       Familiarity with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and European projects.

·       Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Greek and/or Turkish

·       Public speaking skills and experience.

·       Ability and willingness to travel.

Application Process:

Candidates should send a resume and a cover letter that describes how their qualifications and experience match the needs and mission of H4C, along with salary expectations and how they found out about the position. Applications will be accepted via email at by September 30, 2021.




Job Opening: Cafe Staff at The Home Cafe!

The Home Cafe in Nicosia invites applications for a new staff member to join the team!

Position:  Cafe Staff

Working hours: Part-time

 Send CV and Cover letter in English to 

General Duties and Responsibilities 

The Café Staff is responsible for the successful operation of The Home Café. The success of The Home Cafe is dependent on the effectiveness of the team running it. The whole operation must present a friendly and welcoming environment in which customers and staff alike feels comfortable, enjoying excellent service. While receiving guidance from the THC Manager, the successful development of the Café will depend to a large extent on the imagination, initiative, reliability and energy of the Employee. A combination of flexibility, enthusiasm, innovation and sound organizational skills is essential. The tasks may be extended and changed from time to time by agreement to meet changing circumstances.

Workplace health and safety  

All employees have a duty under the relevant Health and Safety at Work Laws to ensure that their working environment is kept free of hazards that may prove injurious to themselves, their colleagues and all those engaged in Cafe’s business, as well as any visitors. The café employees are required to have a valid food handling certificate during their work.

 Required knowledge, skills, and abilities  

  • Must be highly motivated
  • Excellent manners, politeness
  • Professional service
  • Attention to presentation
  • Fluent in English language and (Greek or Turkish)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in food and beverage operations
  • Must be able to work days, evenings, and weekends as necessary

Call for Caretakers!

The Home for Cooperation in Nicosia invites expressions of interest for caretakers. 

Working hours: Caretakers are responsible for the running of events which take place at the Home for Cooperation, outside its working hours: after 6pm in the afternoon, weekends and public holidays.

Application deadline:  30th of June, 18:00.

Send CV and cover letter in English to

General Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Setting up the rental rooms according to each event’s needs.
  • Setting up of technical equipment (e.g. projector, speakers etc) according to each event’s needs.
  • Be ready to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.
  • Assist and accommodate the needs of hirers of the space during events.
  • Ensure compliance with H4C policies and procedures and other regulation governing the buffer zone.
  • Ensure the health and safety of all visitors to the H4C.
  • Ensure the security of the H4C building after each event.
  • Ensure that conference room/meeting rooms are left clean and tidy after use.

Required Skills, Experience and Competencies:

  • Highly trustworthy and responsible
  • Highly reliable and punctual
  • Experience and/or understanding of multicultural and bicommunal events and activities
  • Able to work flexible hours – evenings and weekends
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills in English
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity