We are partnering up with the UK-based organization Asfar, as well as organizations from Georgia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Spain and Turkey for the Erasmus+ project titled RESOLVE: Peace Camps

The RESOLVE: Peace Camps is designed to support youth leaders to represent themselves to decision-makers, develop their conflict resolution skills, while ensuring young people are leading community unification as social action leaders and change-makers, with the reality of a new era.

The RESOLVE: Peace Camps Online Dialogue Activity is a series of skills development & dialogue focused activities where youth community change-makers and local peacebuilders address the societies’ social intolerance throughout Europe. 

The Project is already moving to its second activity focusing on digital story telling! Click here for detailed information!

 The first activity took place in February 2021. If you want to know more about it, click here.

More information about the RESOLVE: PEACE CAMPS can be found here.

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