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This collaboration between the Home for Cooperation and the Imaginary Famagusta group, aims to bring young people together to visualize and invest in a shared future, while drawing from traditions and customs of each other as a shared cultural heritage.

The project will launch with a one-day workshop (10.00-17.00, including breaks), focusing on the civic heritage of Famagusta, on the 20th of February 2021, to honor the International Heritage Day.

The workshop, titled ‘Imaginary (Civic) Famagusta’, will explore the role of marketspaces in Famagusta, focusing on the intangible shared heritage of the city.

The tentative program of the workshop can be accessed here.


Eligibility: Individuals aged between 18 and 35, interested in the fields of visual and performing arts, urbanism, peace-building, activism, architecture, archeology, conservation, anthropology and similar fields.

The day will be composed of roundtables that will attempt to recreate the ‘markets’, which have traditionally acted as spaces of great social interaction and exchange and small group sessions where young participants will have the opportunity to discuss and envision what the role of such markets in Famagusta has been and how they encouraged civic exchange at the time.

The workshop will use the projective methodology of Hands-on Famagusta project to allow young people develop collaboratively social, spatial, and ecological imaginaries of Famagusta’s civic architecture through producing stories of a shared future in Federal Cyprus. For this, the intangible cultural heritage will be used to formulate common urban imaginaries and construct scenarios towards post-ethnocratic cultural heritage. More precisely, the workshop will address the controversial question:

What if markets become places for inclusive civic exchange in contested spaces?

The workshop activities will be supported by international experts and local practices, as well as members of Imaginary Famagusta team (a bi-communal group of architects and planners).

H4C Sharing Heritage project is a European Heritage Days Stories project, implemented by the Home for Cooperation, in collaboration with the Imaginary Famagusta Group and funded within the framework of a Joint Project between the European Union and the Council of Europe.

If you are Interested in participating, please send us an e-mail at communications@home4cooperation.info, with the subject line: H4C Sharing Heritage Project.

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