Ahmet Zildji


Ahmet is a versatile musician and accomplished events organizer, grounded in the realm of Popular Music Performance, with a solid foundation stemming from his studies at the esteemed London College of Music (LCM) in England. His musical journey, which began in 2010, has seen him contribute significantly as a drummer and percussionist across an array of diverse genres.

In 2018, Ahmet embarked on an exhilarating DJ career, captivating audiences at music festivals, clubs, and bars with his exceptional ability to fuse together an eclectic mix of genres, including those less commonly explored within the local music scene. His reputation for introducing distinctive and unique styles to the island’s musical landscape is well-established.

Beyond his musical talents, Ahmet’s expertise extends into the realm of event organization. He has orchestrated and curated festivals, and his involvement with European Union (EU) projects and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has showcased his remarkable skills in this domain. Notably, he has also provided technical support for Home for Cooperation’s Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 23.

In addition to his music and events background, Ahmet has served as a caretaker at the Home for Cooperation, where his commitment and dedication led to his inclusion in the Home Cafe team in 2023.

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