Çağıl Özsoy


Çağıl was born in Nicosia in 1988. She studied law in England at the University of Kent, and returned back to Cyprus for her legal practice after completing her undergraduate studies. She got her training and registered as a lawyer on both sides of the divide in Cyprus and has been practicing as an advocate and legal adviser since then. In the meantime, Çağıl did her postgraduate studies in EU Competition Law. She previously worked as a part time Law teacher at a Law Department of a university.
Çağıl is currently taking an active role in the board of local legal bar association and she also has a role as a judge in horse showjumping competitions.
She used to be an active member of Youth Encounters for Peace – YEP21 and participated in various bicommunal activities. She took an active role in youth organisations both as an ordinary member and member of the board. Çağıl was a member of the board of bicommunal Cypriot Society during her undergraduate studies at the University of Kent, which was one of the two bicommunal Cypriot societies at that time, bringing two communities of Cyprus together.

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