Thinking Partners 2020

Sofronis Sofroniou

He studied Psychology at UCY and Neuroscience at CUNY. His first novel, The Progenitors (Rodakio), received the National Award of Literature and the Best Newcomer Novelist Award from the Hellenic Authors’ Society (2016). His work explores the themes of free will, responsibility, memory and time.  

Arjen Barel

Arjen Barel (1973) is a producer and director, mainly in the field of storytelling performances, and spends a large part of his professional life listening to stories and training people in the art of storytelling. He published a new book about Applied Storytelling, “Storytelling en de Wereld.”  

Dijana Milosevic

Dijana Milošević is an award-winning theatre director, writer and lecturer. Co-founder of DAH Theatre Research Center in Belgrade, she has been its leading director for over 25 years. She is involved in several peacebuilding and art initiatives and collaborates with feminists- activist groups.  

Carmen Olaechea

Carmen Olaechea, Argentina, has been working 30 years with the Latin American civil society. The last 10 years the main focus of her work has been related to art and social transformation, conflict transformation and sustainability.  

Maria Hadjimichael

Maria Hadjimichael is a scholar – activist and a research fellow at the University of Cyprus focusing on the fields of political ecology (including urban), environmental politics and governance of the Commons. The main focus of her research are the sea and the coastline.

Evita Ioannou

Evita Ioannou studied Media Arts in Royal Holloway of London. She also holds a Master’s degree in Theatre/Musical Production from Goldsmith’s, University of London. She has been working as a director/producer professionally for the last decade.

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