The Old Nicosia Photo-souvenirs Project – Photography Competition was organized by Old Nicosia Revealed, supported and funded by the Home for Cooperation and the EEA / Norway Grants.The aim of this competition was to produce, together, the old Nicosia photo-souvenirs that WE liked. We wanted to encourage people to explore their town, ask questions and learn different aspects of its rich history and culture that go a step further to what is considered as the “norm”. To promote multi perspectives, as well as an exploratory and participatory experience gained from our old town.The winning and runner-up photos were used to produce these Old Nicosia photo-souvenirs. These souvenirs will be sold for the benefit of the Home for Cooperation (H4C, a non-for-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes cooperation through education and other activities in Cyprus), sold at a fair price for not-for-profit purposes. The income will allow H4C to produce and sell these and newly-designed souvenirs in the future in a sustainable and fair manner.

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