'Exploring Authentic Cyprus

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Nicosia – Have you seen Agia Paraskevi chapel near Kato Akourdalia village (front book cover)?  Have you swum in Pachyammos beach in Karpasia or along Lara coast in Akamas?  Have you walked from Panagia tou Sinti monastery past Malounta watermill, crossing Xeros Potamos river a few times to Roudias medieval bridge?  Have you visited the crescent-like Evretou manmade lake near Polis or Antiphonitis chapel on Pentadactylos mountains?

These and hundreds more natural and cultural attractions, many of which are hardly known to the general public, are the subject matter of the new book ‘Exploring Authentic Cyprus’ by Phivos Ioannides.  The goal of the book is to increase the exploration of Cyprus’s beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage. 

About the Author

Phivos Ioannides is the author of the popular book 'Guide on Nature of Cyprus' (2009).  He has been involved in projects related to ecology since 2002.  He offers services in the subsector that he terms 'Authentic Ecotourism in Cyprus' since 2009 under the trade name ‘Cyprus Walks Etc’.

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