The Writing Room On Wednesdays

What types of workshops does The Writing Room offer? ✍

  1. Creative writing for beginners or for advanced writers who would like to start writing again after a break; also for those who are unsure as to which direction they would like to go with their writing – this will be offered in both English and Greek;
  2. narrative non-fiction (with a focus on memoir) – this will only be offered in Greek for the time being; and
  3. advanced writing workshops, for people who are already writing and are looking for a group to discuss their work with (led by a tutor), as well as receive feedback – this will be offered in Greek, but writers can be writing in English too, provided they can also speak Greek, so as to be able to contribute to the discussion in class.

Classes take place once a week, in the evening between18:30 and 20:00.
All groups are small – usually up to six people. The cost is €100 per month.
All classes are taught by Dr Nicoletta Demetriou, former Tutor in Narrative Non-Fiction at the University of Oxford’s Master’s programme in Creative Writing (2012-19), and former acting course director of the same programme (2018).
For registrations contact:

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