Antigone, a Hubris

6th of October 2023 | 21:30-22:30

Gardens of the Future


About the performance:

Suppose the heroes of Antigone came to the present and watched the news – how would they re-act? What would they have to tell us and what would we like to learn from them?

Power, resistance, hubris. Then, Now and After.

In the centre of a multimedia installation, three female performers share all the roles of the tragedy, interpolating their own views and experiences and intervening in the stage action. Only mediated through a screen can the fifteen members of the chorus have access to this restricted and decayed financial centre, in order to negotiate, to claim or to refuse their individual responsibility.


OMADA7 Director: Viktoria Mastrogianni Composer | Original music: Marios Tsagaris + SONGS: “Children Down the Plain” Music-Lyrics: Manos Hadjidakis, “Majesty”- Madrugada , “Young Folks”- Peter Bjorn And John, “Rock-a-bye Baby”- lullaby and surprise song from host country. | Choreographer – Movement coach: Viktoria Mastrogianni | Lighting Designer, Video Artist, Photographer: George Zafeiriou | | Performers: Κaterina Drakopoulou, Helen Babasaki , Katerina Kasidiari | George Andrakis, Maira Ksydi – Assistant Director, Sound Mechanic | Τechnical assistant: Natalia Chatzopoulou


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