The Home for Cooperation is committed to working towards positive peace for Cyprus and its people, built upon the values of diversity, respect, and human dignity. As such, it is not enough to measure the impact of our work quantitatively. Numbers of participants, and visitors, of partnerships and collaborations must also be seen in combination with the thousands of experiences and new memories people shared, and the hundreds of lasting personal relationships established due to the Home’s existence.

The true meaning and the real impact lies behind the decision of countless people to visit the ‘other side’ of the divide for the first time to attend an event organized by the Home for Cooperation; behind the stories of people who started new initiatives together with the support of the Home for Cooperation; and even behind the stories of people who fell in love and could only meet at the Home for Cooperation because of the limitations in crossings based on their origins and many more.

You can read about our activities and their impact in recent years, in the annual reports below:

2020 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

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