Job Opportunities

Home for Cooperation is committed to intercommunal cooperation, peacebuilding, and intercultural dialogue, acting as a bridge-builder between separated communities, memories, and visions through artistic and community projects. This is not possible without the tremendous commitment of our employees. To support our work, it is important that your capacities, knowledge, and attitude to life align with our mission: 
The Home for Cooperation aspires for a positive societal change. It envisions a better Cyprus, characterized by peace, and built upon the values of diversity, respect, equality, and human dignity.   

The Home for Cooperation aims: 

  • to facilitate and offer a space for initiatives that contribute to promoting communication and interaction between people from different ethnic, religious, or linguistic backgrounds at a local, regional, European, and international level 
  • to inspire and promote creativity among local and international artists
  • to become a platform for cultural expression through diverse mediums
  • to offer its resources to support cultural and educational activities that promote interaction, dialogue and freedom of thinking and expression   

If you are interested in working at the H4C, keep an eye on the vacancy overview on this page. Please note that we do not accept open applications. Vacancies at the Home for Cooperation are also announced on our social media channels.

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