As We Drove Short Short Horizon Lines

2022 | Compagnie Inflexions

As We Drove Short Short Horizon Lines

Interdisciplinary Performance | France

An interdisciplinary piece by Compagnie Inflexions incorporates movement, sound,

and to address listening as one of our main perceptive regimes. Inviting the audience to listen to dance, poetry and sounds, illuminating alchemy between the spirit of a place and the voices of the ones that inhabit it through time.


“Here, we would stop

But dry refusal of the grounds

If only – here – the earth would grip

For a time, we’ve paused on a crestline

Arched between two horizons

Once the boarder crossed, we’ll definitively leave the landscape.

Hardly will one hear us.

The most common bonds will come undone.

Stangers, we will be to each other the most constant floor,

We shall then restart an earth.”

  • Claire Huber, poem for the piece “As we Drove Short Short Horizon-Lines”

This performance is supported by the Institut Français de Chypre and Wallonie Bruxelles-International (WBI).

Creative Team:

Claire Huber (concept, direction, and performance)

Stalin Blake, (creation and performance)

Nastasja Stefanič (creation and performance )

Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin (costumes)

Stalin Blake and Claire Huber (scenographie)

Emmanuel Desmyter (light technique)

France Morin A.M.A. (support for administration, production and distribution)

Other Work by the Artists:

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