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Defining the/a Buffer Zone, the In-Between Space
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Buffer Fringe grows further with the support of local and international community each passing year.
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A space for reflection: Defining the/a Buffer Zone, the In-Between Space – BFPAF 2019

The sixth edition of Buffer Fringe Festival took place between the 25th and the 27th of October 2019 in Nicosia, engendering a creative meeting between local and international artists, students, scholars and other creatives deeply rooted in the Buffer Zone of Nicosia. As the Buffer zone has been largely undefined artistically, the main theme of this year’s edition ”Defining the/a Buffer Zone, the In-Between Space was based on this gap, inviting artists and audience from Cyprus and the world, to propose their own inclusive, interactive, and/or immersive ways to speak about buffer zones and in-between spaces, answering to the following questions:

”What does the/a Buffer Zone mean to you? How do you understand it as an in-between place, between realities? How do you understand it as a process, an ever-changing process that spans through time, memory, and aesthetics?”

The Festival embraced 8 unique performances, which were featured at 1984 BAR and at Dancehouse Lefkosia. The Mula Moat, next to the Home for Cooperation at the Ledra Palace crossing point, developed into an interactive zone with various installations, performances, open mic, and exhibitions. The programme included, amongst several parallel events, an after-event tree planting and a discussion on Arts and Community at Fulbright Centre. 

The festival has contributed to the development and investment of local talent, while also offering space for international collaborations, promoting arts and culture for increased cross-cultural cooperation in Cyprus. This year, Youth Board of Cyprus, Arucad Arking University and Research Centre on Interactive Media were involved among other supporters, local media agencies and sponsors. 

BFPAF 2019 Creative Team was put together by the editon’s Executive and Artistic Director Ellada Evangelou, composing from Synergia Media and Michalis Olymbios on Technical Direction, Maria Varnakkidou, Alp Erguven, Anna Damaskinou and Enver Gürzap, on the organizational matters through the Mentorship Program.

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