Buffer Fringe 2023: Turning Point

Our 10th edition marks a critical landmark regarding the Festival’s presence in the Cypriot art scene, its contribution to the peacebuilding efforts, and of course, the artistic community on the island. A turning point implies an achievement, yet a critical reflection of the commitment moving forward. It reflects on the role of Festivals and arts, more specifically in conflict transformation, acknowledging that Buffer Fringe assumes more responsibility than other Festivals owing to its peacebuilding mission. Artists are invited to creatively respond and artistically showcase what such a turning point might be and in essence, answer the question: what comes next?

As such, it has shaped the following questions:

  • What is a turning point for you?
  • What is change, and what can it bring?
  • How does change resonate with us, what is its impact artistically, personally, and collectively?
  • How can we understand the self in an imagined future?
  • How can an imagined future tell our story, both private personal and collective and collective story?
  • How can we all belong in one common future?

The Festival encourages artists who employ innovative methodologies to reimagine future or futuristic approaches, while utilizing engaging methodologies that challenge conventional artistic and cultural paradigms. The Festival seeks to feature artists who utilize immersive approaches, technologies, and/or community engagement to create meaningful and impactful works. Through the theme of ‘Turning Point’ the Festival seeks to showcase the embodiment of change through transformative objects, methods and unconventional perspectives.

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