Buffer Fringe VIII (2021)

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival

Making Space for Art to Resist

8th Buffer Fringe Edition: 8th, 9th, 10th of October 2021

2021 Artists and Projects

95 Stops / Mapping the Space Between Us [CY]

Site-specific research and interventions in public and private urban space of Famagusta and Limassol, interrelating stories and buildings, objects and people, dreams and nightmares… Artists: Elena Agathokleous, Eralp Kortaç, Ioulita Toumazis, Nurtane Karagil and Yiannis Toumazis. A Buffer Fringe collaboration with Mağusa Kale Pasajı, MITOS Center of Performing Arts, Famagusta New Museum.

Rehearsing the Revolution – Common Ground Dialogues [NL, HU, CY]

Immersive storytelling/performance based on the ‘politics of the personal’ and “starting the revolution in the imagination”. Lead by Petra Ardai, Jörgen Unom Gario, Tamara Vadas, Nihal Soğancı and Maria Varnakkidou. Featuring: Ceren Emmioğlu, Celia Wong, Avgoustina Stilianou, Thadd Correia, Emilia Demetriou and Eleana Alexandrou. A Buffer Fringe collaboration with SPACE, powered by the European Cultural Foundation.

To Your Hands [CY, US]

A multimedia/documentary animation installation exploring the artisanal and culinary traditions in the north and south of Cyprus by Ana Mouyis & Fox Schwach. A Buffer Fringe partnership with Animafest Cyprus.

It May All Be Over Soon [CY]

Multimedia performance by androula based on a series of reflections on our relationship with the natural world, informed by a vivid awareness of the unfolding environmental crisis. A Buffer Fringe partnership with The Yard Residency (by Center of Performing Arts MITOS).

The Serpent’s Egg Deconstruction [CY]

Audiovisual installation by Twenty Three (visual artist), Andreas Economides (music technology) and Elena Vasiliou (social sciences, psychologist, researcher). Based on interviews with Cypriot refugees and immigrant communities, raising questions about practices of displacement and drawing inspiration from Ingmar Bergman’s movie The Serpent’s Egg (1977).

Restless Spirits [KR] 

Performance film by Yeon Yeji, a process spanning the entire moon cycle seeking to honor the ‘restless spirits’ of the Korean diaspora of Soviet Russia who were victimised through forced migration and displacement to Central Asia in 1937.

8102 [CH]

Interdisciplinary radiophonic performance by Switzerland-based artist duo Karla Isidorou and Alexandra Bellon, challenging the audience to displace their imaginations and minds altogether towards an unknown territory, the ultra-future in the year 8102.

Wheel of Radical Affection [CY]

An orbit around a field of dynamic synergy. Collective pulses as a common ground re-shaping matter in the body whilst inquiring what pulses in & in-between us. Contemporary dance produced by PERA School of Performing Arts, choreographed by Rafaela Sahyoun.


Drive-in performance. Visual artist PASHIAS invites audience members to drive, park and meet in an empty parking lot, to experience a landscape environment through their private shelters. Artist collaboration with Iosif Hadjikyriakos & Katerina Scoufaridou.

Nomadic On-line Dialogue 2 – New Fluid Territories [NO, CY, UK]

Online exchanges exploring ideas of place with community, environment, permeability, sustainability and flux as positive attributes. Presented by the Creative Center for Fluid Territories (CCFT) – an international inter-disciplinary group of artists, designers and architects.

Yuka Blend – Workshops and Performances [CY]

An upbeat afternoon of movement and hip-hop workshops and performances in the buffer zone. With Bekir Şimşek and 21 Dance Company, and DJs Marilena, Ohmzy, Agapi and Hilmi Oraç. Powered by Yuka Blend.


More information on artists can be found here: https://bufferfringe.org/ 

Dates and venues will be announced soon, stay tuned!



1. It May All Be Over Soon by Androula.

Credit: Adonis Archontides, 2020, Outskirts of Lincoln, Massachusetts, The Last of Us

2. Rehearsing the Revolution by SPACE (a Buffer Fringe collaboration, powered by the European Cultural Foundation).

3. Restless Spirits by Yeon Yeji

4. Deconstructing the Serpent’s Egg by Twenty Three

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