Floating: A Work in Progress

8th of October 2023 | 19:00-19:45

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Floating is a work in progress by Art Vouveau that delves into the innate relationship between humans and nature. Throughout history there are stories and rituals of people longing to surpass their physical boundaries and become one with nature. In Floating, the story revolves around a traveller that is stranded in a timeless space. There she will face her own fears and limitations while experiencing a mystifying connection with the water. She is challenged to transcend into a floating state of vulnerability and acceptance. What will she have to leave behind?Where do we go when we become water? Floating is a work in progress that is being developed during three residencies in three distinctive European festivals, One Festival (Samothrace), Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival (Nicosia) and M.I.M. Festival (Montpellier). The project is funded by EFFEA (European Fund for Emerging Artists).


Creation: Art Vouveau (Tassos Dimitropoulos, Thanasis Megalopoulos, Danai Tikou)

Video: Tassos Dimitropoulos

Performer: Danai Tikou


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