Island Seeds at Fengaros Reacts!

Island Seeds will be performing at Fengaros Reacts on Monday 21 November at 16:45 EET!

Island Seeds collective was formed during the creative process of the tri-lingual song (English, Cypriot-Turkish and Cypriot-Greek) “The Time is Ripe”, produced by the Home for Cooperation in 2020, under the program “United by Sound”.

Nearly 40 musicians from across the divide who joined forces from their homes in Cyprus, Germany, the UK, Greece, Canada, and the USA, to sing their invitation to the world that the time for ‘bringing our voices together’ is here. The song’s music and trilingual lyrics are an amalgamation that mirrors Cyprus’ present-day music culture: open-minded, eclectic, and not bound in purist agendas.
In 2021, the travel magazine Lonely Planet, has placed Nicosia on the 6th place, of its “Best in Travel 2022”, out of 10 top cities. The good practice that was cited as putting Nicosia on the list is The United by Sound program of the Home for Cooperation (and the creation of The Time is Ripe).

From Fengaros Reacts:

After their maiden jam for Home of Cooperation’s ten-year festivities sprouted several song demos, this diverse group of artists put down roots to their collaboration and musical exploration with a steadier set-up. Groovy slow jams, psychedelic funk-infused melodies and deliciously coloured vocals define the sound of one of Cyprus’ most unique musical groups. Island Seeds is a collective of eight artists from the island’s Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities. They each maintain busy schedules as performers and solo artists in their own right, with various projects and live concerts across the island. At its core, the band exemplifies the universality of musical language and connection, with accents both from Cyprus and around the world. The collective, who performed in this year’s Fengaros Music Village, is the brainchild of Home of Cooperation’s United by Sound programme.

This performance is supported by the Home for Cooperation project, which is implemented by the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research and funded by the Active Citizens Fund 2020-2024.

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