2020 | Natalia Panagiotou, Annie Sofocleous, Despina Chrysanthou


Performance Art – Theatre | Cyprus


A theatre performance by Natalia Panagiotou, Annie Sofocleous, Despina Chrysanthou

In search of clearing out our roots and Cypriot identity, we observe a confusion (σαντάνωμα) and diversity of perspectives. This tragicomic identity confusion and disorientation brought up «kazanti», the traditional Cypriot lucky game. The multicultural figure of kazanti is in constant movement, a form of displacement, somehow managing to always be present in mass gatherings all over the island. With a humorous approach, Yasemin Collective creates a theatrical performance that questions the meaning of game and luck. In Turkish, «kazanmak» means ‘win, acquire wealth’ (καζαντίζω=πλουτίζω). What is it we are winning if it is to do with an award, in a conflict, with territory or with love?

Creative Team:

Γιασεμίν (Yasemin) is a local newborn artistic collective whose aim is to set Art free from its traditional settings to involve marginalised spectators and participants, where the benefits of Art wouldn’t normally reach them otherwise. Just like the native plant jasmine, the collective wants to allow Art to ‘smell’ in the whole island to all communities that live in and consider Cyprus their home. Three of the members of Yasemin, Natalia Panagiotou, Annie Sofocleous and Despina Chrysanthou, whose paths crossed recently, view Arts as a catalyst for social change. They all have a background in formal and non-formal Theatre and Performing Arts education from different parts of the world (Cyprus, England, France, Spain, Mexico, Chile) making their collaboration an abundance of knowledge exchange that blooms through their common thirst for understanding the world as a stage and the citizens as actors for a fairer world.

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Thinking Partner:

Evita Ioannou studied Media Arts in Royal Holloway of London. She also holds a Master’s degree in Theatre/Musical Production from Goldsmith’s, University of London. She has been working as a director/producer professionally for the last decade.

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