Raffi Feghali

Curator - BF 2022 Day 1

Raffi Feghali is a director, storyteller, performer, percussionist, theater sound designer, and peacebuilder. He‘s directed more than 25 Theatre of the Oppressed, improvisational theatre, and scripted performances since 2009. As a performer he has performed in more than 60 shows worldwide, under many international directors. Raffi is one of the people who brought improv to Lebanon in 2009 and he has recently embarked on a journey taking him back to his storytelling roots. He launched his first autobiographical monodrama, Peer Gynt of Bourj Hammoud, in 2018.

Instagram: @raffifeghali
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raffi.f/
Twitter: @RaffiFeghali

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