H4C Sharing Heritage Project


Home for Cooperation and Imaginary Famagusta collaborated to organize a one-day workshop, titled “The Imaginary (Civic) Famagusta”, as part of the H4C Sharing Heritage project, on the 20th of February 2021.

The project was implemented after the Home for Cooperation was granted the European Heritage Days Stories Award in 2020, with its story titled “Home for Cooperation – an unsuspected space in-between, breathes hope“. This is the story of how conserving a building of shared cultural heritage can provide the ground on which communities can build on, to collectively heal trauma and create new possibilities. Click here to read the story.

The workshop brought together 24 young people and fostered a space in which they had the opportunity to imagine a shared future for Cyprus. Drawing from the tangible and intangible shared cultural heritage of our island, together, we explored the diverse role of marketplaces within an imagined Famagusta as a federal city.

Joined by local practices and international experts, we co-produced stories of marketplaces as spaces of social interaction and exchange that go well beyond monetary references. By assuming different roles in speculative stories taking place in these marketplaces, we explored how the intangible cultural heritage can act as the foundation towards reconciliation and common existence.

The outcomes of this workshop are exhibited online at the Home for Cooperation website and on the Hands-on Famagusta Instagram page: @handsonfamagusta.  

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