RESOLVE: Peace Camps


Home for Cooperation partnered up with the UK-based organization Asfar, as well as organizations Anthropolis from Hungary, CDC-Creative Development Center from Georgia and EUducate from Spain, for the Erasmus+ project titled RESOLVE: Peace Camps.

The Activity in Nicosia took place between the 1st and 5th of November 2021, and brought together 25 young participants, who worked on skills development & dialogue focused activities revolving around peacebuilding practices in Cyprus and abroad. The project covered a diverse range of topics including:

  • Building and environmentally conscious open air community space
  • Intergenerational Dialogue
  • Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange
  • Creating dialogue and providing support in Cyprus

RESOLVE: Peace Camps is designed to support youth leaders to represent themselves to decision-makers, develop their conflict resolution skills, while ensuring young people are leading community unification as social action leaders and change-makers, with the reality of a new era.

More information about the RESOLVE: PEACE CAMPS can be found here. If you wish to be informed about upcoming projects and developments, you can join our mailing list, and follow our accounts on FacebookInstagram or Twitter da takip edebilirsiniz.


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