Overall Progress (CY)

5th of October 2023 | 22:30-23:30

Home for Cooperation


About the performance:

The performance Overall Progress combines sound design techniques with acoustic instruments, visual arts, and lighting. Challenging traditional artistic and cultural norms, it presents an innovative approach that pushes the boundaries and offers fresh perspectives on the future.


Drums: Baran Sakar

Vocal: Doğu Suyolcu

Guitar: Kubilay Patoğlu

Bass: Hüseyin Naci Hacıoğulları

Keys / Synthesizer: Mustafa Esenyel (

Dancing & Poetry: Tuğçe Tekhanlı)

Painting & Photography and Design: Cerin Saldun

Film Design & Editing: Murat Yiğit Tunçtan

**Special thanks to Inal Bilsel.



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