Cassandra, we have a problem

6th of October 2023 | 20:00-20:55

Gardens of the Future

About the performance:

“Cassandra, we have a problem” is a solo site-specific performance of a woman inside a bathroom. The bathroom – intimate, dirty and uncomfortable environment – becomes the space of invitation to the listening of a foreign (Brazilian) body that crosses the events of Cassandra’s myth in an attempt to discuss the theme of credibility and the right to ‘have a voice’. “Cassandra, we have a problem” is a work that invites the instability of the performer’s body, that through the irony of the text questioned herself: how is it possible to be heard?


Creation and performance: Paula Carrara

Direction: Carlos Canhameiro

Visual Concept: Renan Marcondes

Apollo: Christian Piana

Artistic Consultant: Daniel Gonzalez| Maristela Estrela | Giulia Tollis |Cristina Salmistraro

Artistic Advisor: Paula Mirhan | Carolelinda Dickey|Carolina Bianchi |Carla Stara |Giulia Grechi

Translation Advisor: Nicholas Redding, Mariana Pessoa, Benjamin Michael

MUD Residenza Artistica (CREARE – Campania / IT) and Kulturfactory Residency (Domicella / IT) and Oficina Oswald de Andrade São Paulo / BR.


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