6th of October 2023 | 19:00-19:45

Gardens of the Future

About the performance:

Waking up and no longer recognizing your own body, losing your mobility, your communication, reorganizing, adapting, metamorphosing. A being at the mercy of its own time, space and choices. The oppression by structures, archetypes and symbols of power when facing their dreams, desires and fears. Inspired by the book “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, a dance solo by Gustavo Silvestre.


Creation: Gustavo Silvestre

Staging and Light Designer: Joao Bosco Amaral

Cinematography: Larry Machado

Original Soundtrack: Rodrigo Flamarion

Costume: Claudio Livas

Makeup: Isabelle Eleonora

Communication: Bricolagem Produções

Photo Disclosure: Lu Barcelos and Rubens Neto

Light Technician: Roosevelt Savedra

Scenario: Lino Araújo

Filming Assistants: Bruna Chamelet, Elayne Sant, Wesley Rezende

Editing and Executive Production: Gustavo Silvestre



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