#not I

7th of October 2023 | 20:30-21:30

Rüstem Bookstore

About the performance:

#NotI is a one-woman show about a woman in isolation trying to reclaim her life by confronting her own past. Starting from the need to escape from a reality hard to accept, to the dissociative amnesia in the story that Beckett proposes in the homonymous text, a mosaic of sketches sprinkled with personal events was born. #NotI is a cocktail of performative elements, video animation, and sound design that recomposes the confession about isolation, abuse, and the way they have changed our relationship to our own reality and femininity.


Performer: Andreea Tănase

Director: Casandra Topologeanu

Animation and Visuals: Ovidiu Cristian (Reverb44)

Soundscape and Composition: Cătălin Cărămidă (ApollotoMars)



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