Cyprus 1993.

A wall divides the island in two and doesn’t allow any contact between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. A Greek Cypriot, Panicos Chrysanthou and a Turkish Cypriot, Niyazi Kizilyurek, manage to meet in a hotel of the buffer zone of Nicosia, controlled by United Nations, and start a trip to the recent history and the people of their country. This trip creates a dialogue between them on the bitter experience of Cyprus’ collation and separation. It recalls documentaries and visual elements and allows people, who felt the cruelty of contemporary history of Cyprus, to share their personal experiences/ with the spectator. These people come from both side of the wall. They are Greek and Turkish Cypriots, living separate in a divided Cyprus, but united by the same pain.

*Available with Greek, Turkish or English subtitles only.

Our Wall /Το τείχος μας / Duvarimiz


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