Wall of Babel (UK)

7th of October 2023 | 19:30-20:20

Rüstem Bookstore

About the performance:

“Three bodies on stage, confronting each other’s tongue; mother tongue. They are in a state of constant translation; until words are not enough, until movement is not enough, until taste, music, memories are not enough.” The Wall of Babel, is a multilingual performance piece interrogating concepts of identity, language, and translation. The fragmented narrative of the performance, taking the structure of the human cycle, revolves around the characters growth and their attempts for communication. The audience does not always understand what the three bodies say, but it is present throughout.


Writer/Director: Nefeli Kentoni

Performers/Devisers: Melina Koutsofta, Santi Guillamon, Pablo Temboury, Fatima Rodriguez, Kenny Lai, Nefeli Kentoni

Music Composition: Manos Stratis Musicians: Manos Stratis, Elana Sasson, Will Scott

Photography: Justin Atkins



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