Workshop: TAKING THE FLOOR_ Body and Voice in the Space

7th of October 2023 | 12:00-15:00

The Common Room at Prozak

About the workshop:

Voice is a collective phenomenon; it is created and exists through listening and requires willingness and passage to gain space outside the body. This is a workshop practice directed at the relationship between body, breath, sound and vocal expressiveness. The principle of the work is to dissolve the blocks that prevent us from connecting with a fuller vocality and to offer tools that strengthen listening and the power of speech as a bridge to building presence. The practice will be guided by the study of Breath, Resonance and Rhythm and starts from investigating and expanding individual possibilities to explore the expressive and relational act of movement, speech and group.

By: Paula Carrara

*Please note that the workshops are offered free of charge, and in English language.



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