The Home Cafe Concerts (2017)

The Home Cafe Concerts was a series of live-recorded concerts, developed by the Home for Cooperation, with the aim to promote collaborations on both sides of the divide in Cyprus using the power of music.

The Home Cafe Concerts was part of the “Musicians of Cyprus” program of the Home for Cooperation, which is renamed to United by Sound. The program is one of the most successful programs in engaging youth, investing in the development of talent and in creating real collaborations, and at the same time providing entertainment to all ages and all groups of people.

The series was completed in 2017, at the Home Cafe and hosted prominent musicians from Cyprus: Lütfiye Özipek, Lefteris Moumtzis, Yian Isel, Cahit Kutrafalı Quintet, The Great Flood and LP3.

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