The Island Seeds Band


The Island Seeds collective sprouted from the local music scene promoted through the United by Sound program of the Home For Cooperation.  In 2020, Island Seeds, a collective of almost 40 Cypriot musicians joined forces to record ‘The Time Is Ripe’, a special invitation to the world of united cooperation manifested. The result is a track sang in English, Cypriot-Greek and Cypriot-Turkish that drives the message home that no amount of divisive politics will stop the communities of Cyprus from re-uniting. The track was released by Home for Cooperation.

Building on the beautiful collaboration and synergy between the musicians, 7 Turkish-speaking and Greek-speaking Cypriot musicians continued their journey as the Island Seeds band. The band engaged in producing original songs in a collaborative process in 2021 and 2022, and presented them in their premiere performance on the 10(+1) Anniversary celebrations of the Home for Cooperation, in May 2022.

The band performed at the Fengaros Festival and the United by Sound Winter Edition series of the Home for Cooperation in 2022 & 2023.

Get to know the Band: Through their dreamy soul-infused melodies, pulsating psychedelic grooves and esoteric lyrics, the Island Seeds offer a unique musical blend of the island’s ‘Mediterranean soul’, which is quintessentially Cypriot and yet effortlessly at home beyond its borders. Formed over coffee within Nicosia’s buffer zone in the spring of 2022, the Island Seeds is a collective of seven artists from the island’s two largest communities, united by a sense of musical self-discovery and experimentation. During their tour across the island, the Seeds will be presenting songs from their recently recorded debut EP  – which also features collaborations with other Cypriot artists across the divide- in addition to material from the members’ solo projects, making up a set filled with delicious textures, introspective slow-jams and buoyant acerbic impressions of Cypriot reality.

The band consists of Alexis Sunder – guitar, vocals, Ezgi Akgürgen – vocals, Cemre Arca – flute, keys and vocals, Alexandra Astreou-Karides – electric guitar, Alexandros Komodromos – electric guitar, Arman Tatlicioglu – electric bass and Ulaş Öğüç on drums.

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