The Time is Ripe (2020)


On the occasion of the Home for Cooperation’s 9th Anniversary in 2020, and the International Day of Music, the original song and video “The Time is Ripe” was released on the 21st of June. Amid the challenges of the year, the Island Seeds collective sprouted under the program United by Sound. Island Seeds is a collective of nearly 40 musicians from across the divide who joined forces from their homes in Cyprus, Germany, the UK, Greece, Canada, and the USA, to sing their invitation to the world that the time for ‘bringing our voices together’ is here. The song’s music and trilingual lyrics are an amalgamation that mirrors Cyprus’ present-day music culture: open-minded, eclectic, and not bound in purist agendas.


Music: Lefteris Moumtzis, Vassilis Philippou

Lyrics: Lefteris Moumtzis, Gürgenç Korkmazel, Vassilis Philippou

Island Seeds, a collective of almost 40 Cypriot musicians joined forces to record ‘The Time Is Ripe’, a special invitation to the world of united cooperation manifested. The result is a track sung in English, Cypriot-Greek and Cypriot-Turkish that drives the message home that no amount of divisive politics will stop the communities of Cyprus from re-uniting. The track is released by Home For Cooperation, a community centre situated in the demilitarized UN Buffer Zone in Cyprus’s divided capital of Nicosia. The Island Seeds collective sprouted from the music scene promoted through the United by Sounds programme by Home For Cooperation, which has uncovered a new generation of Cypriot artists that view their music scene and its innate excitement surrounding co-creation as a response to what is known as the ‘Cyprus Problem’. Recently celebrating its ninth anniversary, Home For Cooperation is dedicated to peacebuilding and intercultural exchange, and is the embodiment of intercommunal collaboration.

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