Una Guerra Entre Nosotros

2022 | Compañia Encuentro

Una Guerra Entre Nosotros

Dance | Spain

Una guerra entre nosotros (A war between us) is a narrative dance performance depicting the story of two boys who find love despite the pressure of a homophobic society. In spite of the potential social implications and seeming impossibility of their love, the pair continue their relationship in secret. As time passes and their love grows stronger, a war breaks out and the government decrees that every man is to be drafted into the army. One of the two protagonists has a health problem excusing him from this order, leaving his love to go to the front lines alone. Eventually finding another way to join the war and reunite with his love, the men realize that the physical war is no match for the emotional war against a cruel, unforgiving society that the two men are fighting every day of their lives.

Fall 2022, Compañia Encuentro presents an artistic contemplation of death, homophobia, and love in the context of conflict through narrative dance and movement.

Creative Team:

Omar Milán (direction and performance) is an actor and playwright from Menorca who trained in several academies in Madrid and has taught acting classes in Italy and Spain.

Antonio Buonaiuto (direction and performance) is a dancer and choreographer from Naples who studied at DAF Academy (Dance Arts Faculty) in Rome at the age of 16. At the age of 18 he started to work with contemporary dance companies, and he is now a teacher in various dance academys.

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