Atelier For Young Festival Managers Nicosia 2022

Call for Participants

Deadline: 5th of May 2022

The Atelier is a 7-day program which aims to bring together young festival managers from around the world to meet a group of young and experienced festival leaders, cultural activists, cross-sector experts, and artists to share experiences and ideas and reflect upon the role of festivals in the aftermath of conflict.

The program aims to provide a platform and thinking pot to engage in a global conversation about today’s challenges regarding festivals. Discussions about the role of arts and culture in contested spaces are amongst the topics as well as to explore the possibilities embodied by festivals to encourage intergenerational dialogue as well as change through culture.

Mentors and guest speakers will share their experiences and showcase how success and failure can incite growth as well as provide insightful feedback regarding the participant’s current professional stage.

The program is organized by the The Festival Academy in partnership with the Home for Cooperation through the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2022 and will take place in Nicosia from the 8 to 15 October, 2022.

For more information click here. Application form can be found here.

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