Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival

The Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival is part of the Home for Cooperation’s cultural and artistic agenda as one of its peacebuilding programs. The Buffer Fringe Festival showcases new and experimental work by local and international artists, challenges physical and artistic barriers, and creates opportunities for artists to meet and exchange ideas.

Embedding creativity into a social process, the Festival questions the role art can play at a moment and a space of transition to produce alternative subjectivities to dominant ideologies. At the same time, Buffer Fringe develops interdisciplinary tools which enable exploring the relationship between arts and peacebuilding.

Click here to read more about the history and the development of Buffer Fringe Festival over the years.

A manifesto for the post-pandemic Festival

The precarity of our times render social and collective responsibility to change, to engage, and to share all the more important, which we feel strongly from our vulnerable place: a buffer zone. In 2023, our vision embraces a cross-cultural/cross-disciplinary/cross-generational approach, and we continue to encourage a decolonizing agenda. We are particularly concerned with the role the arts can play in addressing the fault lines of post conflict societies. We believe that such fault lines can become hubs for activist interventions to deconstruct and decolonize the dominant divisive narratives locally and internationally.

A space for sustainable solidarity

Participating in global conversations aiming to create an interdisciplinary and collaborative festival, we emerge from the Buffer Zone of Nicosia, and with our partners strive to create a festival model that provides spaces for collective practice, ideas, exchange and collaborations.

We also acknowledge the importance of arts to resist and to recreate through the socially, economically and mentally challenging uncertain times.

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival benefits from a grant under the Active Citizens Fund through the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021, financed by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

**Researchers, academics and/or field practitioners who are interested in exploring the working ways of the Buffer Fringe Festival, are kindly invited to contact us at bufferfringe@home4cooperation.info.

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