Buffer Fringe 2020 

Festival Theme
“Displacement: people, ideas and artistic practice”
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Buffer Fringe grows further with the support of local and international community each passing year.
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Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2020 was a journey to question the meaning of displacement of people, ideas and practices critically and artistically. The creative community around the Buffer Fringe 2020 grew with the continued collaboration with Artistic Director Ellada Evangelou, joined by two Creative Directors, Nihal Soğancı and Maria Varnakkidou. The three constituted the creative and organizational core of the festival, with Zoe Kakota (technical director) and the team of the Home for Cooperation as the organizational and communications support

Going ahead with an international Performing Arts Festival despite the pandemic also meant designing alternative and interdisciplinary methods. For this, the Festival team focused on the process of creation rather than once-off performances. In this way, it provided artists with more artistic and creative space, and audiences with continued access to artistic creation. As a result, the Buffer Fringe Blog was introduced. On the Buffer Fringe blog, audiences can find the documentation of the experiences and works of the participating artists as well as watch performances being live streamed during the Festival days.

The Festival live-streamed all performances to reach to an audience beyond the limitations of the pandemic. Performances physically took place in November and December on both sides of Nicosia and in New York at the Gallatin Galleries.
Read below for an analysis of the 2020 edition, as a result of a research by Lee Perlman and Meropi Moisseos, supported by the Brandeis University’s Peacebuilding and the Arts Program:
Works in Progress Archive
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