Buffer Fringe Blog – Works in Progress Archive

This page hosts the “works in progress” submitted by the participating artists in Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival’s 2020 and 2021 editions. The Festival was organized as a two-year program in 2020-21, with an emphasis on supporting artistic creative processes which were severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The participating artists were invited to share their creative development processes on the Buffer Fringe Blog in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly blog posts in the form of text, recording or images as they preferred.  
Andreas Pashias (CY)
Project title: I've made you a palm tree
Explore the progress
Γιασεμίν / Yasemin (CY)
Project Title: #kazanτί
Explore the process
Collectiva Inanna (CY)
Project Title: Taking Back the Booty: Loss & Belonging in the Eastern Mediterranean
Explore the process
Die Wolke Art Group (GR)
Project Title: Δtopia
Explore the process
K&A (CH)
Project Title: 8102
Explore the process
Vikram Iyengar (IN)
Project Title: A Multitude of Drops
Explore the process
Instant Dissidence
SlowMo (IE)
Explore the process
Argyro Nicolaou (US)
Project Title: History Lesson
Explore the process
Monica Anna Day (US)
Project Title: Placeholder
Explore the process
Kat Kats (AU)
Project Title: περιμένω απάντηση / awaiting your response
Explore the process
Omiros Panayides and Eva Korae (CY)
Project Title: Town Crier
Explore the process
Creative Centre for Fluid Territories (CCFT)
Project title: Fluid Territories – nomadic on-line dialogue
Explroe the process
Elena Agathokleous & Nurtane Karagil (CY)
Project title: 95 Stops - Mapping the Space Between Us
Explore the process
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