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Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2023: Celebrating 10 Years Fringe

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2023 (BFPAF 23) invites you to immerse yourself in this special edition, to witness the power of performing arts to challenge physical and artistic barriers. Between the 5th and 7th of October, the festival will host a diverse mix of performances and installations, featuring both Cyprus-based and international artists. 

The Festival, organized by Home for Cooperation, sets the stage to present new and experimental work contributing to social change, fostering and nurturing artivism. It represents a critical landmark for the Cypriot art scene, encouraging the creative community to experiment with innovative and engaging methodologies to generate meaningful works, overcoming conventional artistic and cultural paradigms. This significant achievement nonetheless calls for critical reflection and a renewed commitment moving forward. 

Implemented by the Home for Cooperation since 2014, Buffer Fringe recognizes its unique responsibility to contribute in peacebuilding efforts, and as such, this year through the theme of ‘Turning Point’, invites artists to creatively respond to the question: ‘What comes next?’. This query leads to several thought-provoking questions, such as what a turning point means for individuals, what change can bring, and how it resonates with us artistically, personally, and collectively. The Festival also explores how we can understand the self in an imagined future and how such a future could impact our individual and collective stories. Through this theme, BFPAF23 aspires to envision the embodiment of change using transformative objects and original methods and perspectives into our common future. 

Ahmad Baba, a participating artist from last year’s edition, is coming back this year to join the organizing team as the curator. The 2023 festival is building on the 2022 edition’s legacy of a collaborative curation model with an exciting collaboration on the Festival’s first day with Visual Voices, at the Home for Cooperation. The Festival will continue on the second day at the Common Room of Prozak Kafeneio and finish on the third day at Rustem Bookstore with a closing party.

The Festival accepts applications until the 14th of May 2023, in English through the application form available on this page.

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